Salary of Nigerian Army Officers After Minimum Wage Increase (2019)

The current salary of Nigerian soldiers with the increase in minimum wage is something the Federal Government should increase without a second thought. This is because these gallant men who wear the Nigerian army uniform put their lives at risk to defend the territories of Nigeria against terrorists like Boko Haram.


Do you also know that the new Nigerian armed forces salary scale isn’t worth celebrating even with the said increment of minimum wage to N30,000 as these military officers in the Nigerian army are paid peanut amounts to defend this country.

Some might argue that salaries are paid according to ranks in the Nigerian army from lowest to highest, but think about the millions of Naira that Nigerian senators and those in the House of Representatives collect as salaries.

Then think of how much these Nigerian law makers collect per sitting after making noise or better still the salaries of Nigerian ministers, Nigerian President and Governors.

Although, the Nigerian army is among the list of strongest armies in Africa due to the various feats and victories in battles it has achieved and recorded since its inception, it is still lacking in terms of being ill-equipped, poor welfare packages and worst of all a poor soldiers salary structure.

One thing I have observed among the Nigerian armed forces is that the Nigerian Navy salary structure and Nigerian Air force salary seem higher than that of the salary of Nigerian Army Officers. But as earlier stated, salaries are being paid according to ranks in the Nigerian army from lowest to highest. (this can be disputed)


According to a report on, it stated that the salary for a Nigerian Soldier fighting Boko Haram insurgents is put at N49,000 with daily feeding allowance of N500. Very alarming if I must confess. 

Below are Full Details on The Salary Scale of Nigerian Army Officers (Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers)

A. Salary Structure for Non-Commissioned Ranked Officers

1. Private soldier is paid about N49,000 monthly.

2. A Lance Corporal is paid about N55,000 monthly.

3. A Corporal is paid about N58,000 monthly.

4. The rank of a Sergeant is paid about N63,000 per month.

5. A Staff Sergeant is paid N68,000 monthly.

6. A Warrant Officer’s Salary earns about N80,000 per month.

7. Master Warrant Officer’s Salary is paid N90,000in a month.

B. Salary Structure for Commissioned Ranked Officers

1. Second Lieutenant: there are benefits for being a second lieutenant in the Nigerian army as a commissioned officer but the salary is about N165,000 every month.

2. Lieutenant in the Nigerian army is paid N180,000.

3. Captain is paid N220,000.

4. A Major receives about N300,000 every month due to his rank.

5. Lt. Colonel collects about N350,000 per month.

6. Colonel in the Nigerian army earns about N550,000.

7. Brigadier General is paid about N750,000 in a month.

8. The rank of a Major General earns about N950,000 in a month.

9. Lt. General salary is about N1 million monthly.

10. General’s Salary is about N1.5 million monthly.

Please note that these salary figures are subject to verification

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