Current Fuel Prices in OPEC Nations: Why is Nigeria different?

The Picture below shows the cirrent prices of fuel in some OPEC member states. Please note that the fall in oil price was what made these states adjust to the current reality. list-of-current-oil-prices-opec

Our question is, Why is Nigeria different? What is the government reason for removing subsidy? Is the ordinary Nigerian on the street in support of the current fuel price?

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  1. Sylvanus o. Francis

    Our fight should not be fore sustained subsidy because, it’s been corrupted by the power that be and the ordinary Nigerian no longer benefits. The fight should be what will the government do with the money to benefit ordinary Nigerians in terms of infrastructure, industralisation, staff welfare in the case of minimum wage and the like. It’s well with our Nigeria.

    1. Michael Macbeda

      You are speaking with wisdom. The problem of Nigeria is with Nigerians. At all sector. Sometimes I ask the kind of leadership that are existing in labour unions in Nigeria. The way they reason make to believe that they are not sincere in their leadership drives. Because we need nothing to understand they systems we are running in Nigeria. The corruption does not allow any thing subsidy to work in Nigeria. Under subsidy regime you cannot see the fuel. Even when the system looks OK, the country is loosing billions of dollars in falsified fuel imports. Still the leadership of organized labour and other interest groups still resist the removal of subsidy. We should be reasonable in our sustained fight for any course and we will succeed. Your position has been my position over their years. If we have good leadership from the pressure groups, the should be the one that will guide the government and lead the in demanding the removal of subsity. The organise labour should stop the confusion.

  2. Innocent Agbo

    Nigeria is fantastically corrupt.

      1. Adesina

        I dnt really understand d dsparity in price now when oil price has fallen,Nigeria economy defied all known economic solution.God help Nigeria d struggle continue.

  3. We the ordinary nigerians are not comfortable with the new price.But who has be benefiting when subsidy was not removed?Nigeria needs deliverance.


    The government should just increase the minimum wage.

    1. IDOWU Oladimeji

      What about people on the street struggle that are not under minimum wages ? The price should be reversed simple.

  5. Yusuf Lukman

    Nigerian where we surfer and still smile God blessed Federal republic of Nigeria

  6. adeleke

    It is so because we are fantastically corrupt. Refinery dead

  7. Anuo Gideon

    Ordinarily, i support de regulation, but not this wicked and senseless hike in fuel (pms) price. If anything the govt told us they were subsidizing every lit at N5+,& later N12+. Which ever of these figures is correct, should be added to N86.50 that pms was selling for. Any amount above N99.00 is not acceptable

  8. Izuagwu chuks

    In my view, the issue of subsidy should be a thing of the past as the power that be have hijacked the process to enrich themselves and have left Nigerians to suffer for it. But the question I have is why now? Why did APC kick against subsidy removal when it way proposed by the last administration only to say it’s the best option for us now? And why is our refinery not still working? APC promised they will make them work within six months of take over? Why will the VC say the refinery will only work at 70% in 2018?

  9. Aliyu A

    What is the population of all these countries listed?

    1. Sam c

      I tend to go with your question what is actually the population of these country mentioned above?

    2. Ade A

      Aliu, what do you want to do with the population of other countries, do you want to go and join them or what

    3. MCB

      None of dose countries as a population of 50m

    4. Bode

      My brother aside d population…. The writer shud also knw that this is nigeria … Were subsidy has nt helped d masses but only the importers…i think the pressure group should only complain about minimum wage and not the ‘monster’ subsidy… With subsidy wat we see is scarcity and diversion … Let them bring their fuel and sell … We will patronise the cheapest station .. Simple

  10. Steve A

    A litre of petrol in Tanzania(a country that’s not richly endowed with petroleum) is 230naira equivalent.Taxi is 30naira/any drop within d city;students in Tanzania(Zanzibar) are carried free of charge by daladala(taxi)as long as they are in uniform;no queue of any sort and there is 24hours power supply.
    I am in support of deregulation as long as d money realised from it is channelled towards infrastructure that will palliate suffering

  11. AbdulAkeem

    Nigeria is different because we are not refined locally.
    All others OPEC country are refined locally with out depend on importation and the current exchange rate of dolla is not smile.

    1. Ogundele Ibrahim

      I will just urge we Nigerians to have more patient before the end of the year we will know the reason why P M B removed subsidy. I enjoin federal government to harmer it that any filling must not sell it that #145. God bles Nigeria. God bless Oyo State. God bless Ibadan and God bless Sahara report.

  12. James

    This kind of comparative statistics is sadly anchored on incomplete data analysis. One would expect that it should reflect questions bothering on tax policies of the governments of these countries and the response of the people; inflation level; population; perception of the people about their country; years of independent governance, and so on. Kindly do your research and furnish Nigerians with unbiased and objective statistics. Nigeria shall be great.

  13. Lexzy

    Nigeria is a failed contry. Even America, world power subsdise petrol and agriculture to its citizens.

  14. ugo

    Our opinions doesn’t matter because our fucking leaders don’t see us as human beings but animals d lord over. There is no difference between when we are under British rule n now. Living in Nigeria is a big risk I can bet that.

  15. kessy kessy

    It’s well because it is obvious that Nigeria government Mr buhari has turned from change to changes of prize of crude oil, that is why he want to kill the indigenous of the oil owners, but I would like the indigenous people to called him Mr crude oil, he love crude oil.

  16. Baba

    Those countries don’t import fuel. We bought fuel for as high 250-300 /litre in this country. If the current price will make the product available and the queue will disappear, let that be. All we need is a little adjustment while we allow the market forces to determine what prices to pay for the product. The 145 is the maximum ceiling, meaning some dealers can sell for as low as 100 pending on where da get the product. I expect States like katsina, sokoto, kebbi etc to sell at less than 100 per litre. Reason being that dealers can import from nearby NIGER Republic. The cost per litre, cost of haulage to the destination plus miscellaneous cannot be more than n70 per litre. If the dispense at 80 or 85 at the filling stations, dat is a margin of N15 per litre. People we can patronize those stations with less pricing and we will all see the results.

  17. Yusuf's Samson

    All fingers are not equal, you see that in the price listed and Nigeria is not an exception.
    Population and prudent management of resources count alot, however Nigeria problems do not just start today or few years ago but to get it right we must start from somewhere.
    God bless Nigeria

  18. OGE

    Amateur and wicked leaders. sadists! deregulation is good but the timing now is wrong. just about 3days after signing of budget and people started breathing sighs of relieve, the government hiked the price. Definitely, they don’t want Nigerians to ever smile until after 2019. Very bad. Prayer is the key. I also proffer increase in salaries as a solution.

  19. leke

    Well, if i should give an honest opinion. If you will stop child from going to school because you cant afford it, then take him to a vocational school or he learns a trade. Nigerian government are just fond of removing and not provide the basic amenities.
    You refuse subsidy which certainly means the price on everything will go up, then increase minimum wages and private companys also increase salaries.
    2. No electricity 3.No water , and we were told to swallow bitter pill by a minister we sometimes believed in who should had spoken for the masses, NLC n TUC are both dead n useless who just fight for their stomach. NB: ALL THESE WILL ONLY LEAD TO CRIME.

  20. Olusegun Obakunle

    I think we should compare like with like.
    The questions are :
    What is population and size of these countries?
    What is there production(BPD)?
    What is there level of corruption?
    If we are all on the same page then the data will be of value.
    The permanent solution is to have more refineries, meanwhile God bless Nigeria

    1. Dan Arewa

      Well said. The information is even obsolete.

  21. Henrozy

    very funny country we are running a government who only think of the positive part of what they do forgetting that the right thing done at the wrong time is wrong,increasing minimum wage is just not the answer how many workers have been paid with the recent rate? before any implementation you must understand that in any situation some people are benefiting create an alternative for them first,with the poor financial structure where will the money to pay the workers come from,I expected PMB to tackle first the rural/urban issues when the rural areas are developed social amenities will not suffer then little by little those developed parts will help reduce the population on one part,when the people are sparsely population cost of goods and services or the value of one part will reduce. the conclusion of the whole matter is removal of subsidy at this point in time when u have done no good to the economy is a bad idea,how do u explain this bcos the house of the chicken is dirty u want to sweep it u lock the chicken in a room without food for its benefit thereby killing it,have u done any good?

  22. Gospel

    The government should run all inclusive administration for the citizens to have sense of belonging then you see the end of agitation and regional commitment to true federalism. Yar’Adua did it and the country was on the right track before God called him

  23. Salihu M B

    Yes, i love this post it realy show us the rank of Nigeria in oil production and their minimum wage but what i will want to know does any of these countries import refine oil from other countries, is their refineries working or dead which is all in the case of Nigeria. May Allah help Nigeria!

  24. Tonnie OGD

    The best and the most reasonable way out of this mess we are in this nation is to diversify our economy.

    Nigeria as a nation produces or manufactures nothing and we are comparing ourselves with the countries that are nothing but the hub or the heartbeat of the world economy.

    Let production begins in all sectors in the land, these sufferings will therefore become things of the past.

    May God salvage our tottering nation

  25. Roland

    1-How many of this countries import fuel from Nigeria or elsewhere
    2-How many of this countries pay subsidy for petrol to crooks
    3-How many of them have less than ten (10) refineries which are working less than 90%
    4-which of the countries mentioned are militant groups blowing oil pipe lines
    5-Which of this countries is govt the sole employer of labour.
    6-which of this countries does not generate income from other sources, eg agricultural, solid mineral, ICT, etc
    7-How many of them value money more than the people they serve.

  26. kabiru

    1)Population of Nigeria is higher than them 2)Leadership also matters
    3)Our habit also help

  27. micosal

    Is Nigeria the only African Country with OPEC? Why can’t the publisher do thorough research? There isn’t any comparison here as Nigeria of now can’t compete with war ravaged Iraq, let alone other Arab nations.

    @James… You have said it all

  28. Samgarass

    yes I support the subsidy removal it is not every body that benefits from it, if it is in education or foodstuffs every citizens will benefits from it

  29. Kabiru

    What I want you guys to cant compare Nigeria with those OPEC countries,why because Nigerian population is what we’re to consider. Just take Nigeria along is more than all the OPEC countries in terms of population. In Africa there is no country to compete with Nigeria in terms of population and everything has to do with our population plus our income. And the only thing Nigeria depends on is the oil and militant did not allow the dreling of oil to be successful because of their bombing every day.

  30. Oladimeji IDOWU

    When GEJ increased the fuel price many people in the present government asked him what he will do with the subsidy removed and he came up with SURE-P idea but to my surprised nobody asked Buhari what he is doing with N58 increments in fuel price. When the price of oil fell in international market these same people in government pressured GEJ to reduce fuel price to N87 from N97,but this never happen under Buhari. Nigerians are politically hypocrite ! To me increase in fuel price has done more damage to the people than good, it is not a welcome idea. All Nigerians stood against GEJ when he did the same thing in 2012, but the same Nigerians are keeping silent and suffering in silent now. The increase has brought about general increase in price level because of high cost of production from the manufacturers. If we talk about increase minimum wages alone what about unemployed graduate and undergraduate that are not under minimum wages. The best is to reversed the fuel price. Thanks

  31. emeka

    Price is not suppose to be more than 50 naira a liter. Salaries need to be cut down. From president to LG councillor . Even sanate members salary and allowances.

  32. Dennis mallumbura

    Nigeria is different because Nigeria is not entirely refining locally and in addition importing most of its pms ie the former and the later is why Nigeria is different

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