French Visa In Nigeria: Procedures & Requirements

French Visa In Nigeria Procedures & Requirements.

Are planning of travelling to France and you’re looking out for information on how to get their visa? If you answered yes to this question then be my guest reader, I am about to show you how to get a France visa in Nigeria.

It is no news that visas aren’t automatically issued, you apply, they decide to issue it to you or not based on your performance at the interview. However, if you’re genuine and come out plain enough without any bag of trick with you, I see no reasons why you should be denied a visa.

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How to apply for France visa in Nigeria

Requirement For Obtaining A French Visa In Nigeria

The requirement for obtaining France visa in Nigeria is highlighted below.

  • Original and photocopy of international passport with a validity of at least 6 months after you stay with 3 consecutive pages
  • A recent passport photograph of not older than 6 months
  • Financial statement (that of a spouse can be used in instances where the applicant has no or insufficient personal income)
  • Proof of employment and leave letter with date of resumption (if applicable). Applicants salary and whether leave allowance was paid must be stated clearly.

If the applicant is a child, he need the requirements below added with the ones up applicable to him/her.

Requirements for children

Persons below the age of 18 years are generally regarded as children and have their own set of requirements different from that of adults.

  • Birth certificate
  • Guardian valid identity card and
  • Parent’s approval of travel
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Procedure For Obtaining French Visa In Nigeria

Follow the steps provided below to obtain your own France visa here in Nigeria.

  • Obtain an international passport from the nearest immigration office. With this, don’t even think of travelling as it is your means of identification and with it, they know the country you’re coming from.
  • Download the French visa application form and fill it. It can be downloaded from make sure you also download the questionnaire and fill it out correctly.
  • With the filled-out forms and the requirements above, visit a VSF centre and make your submissions. You’re required to make payment too and they will schedule your interview.
  • At the interview, you need to prove to them that you have something genuine to do in France and will return to Nigeria.

After a successful interview, you would be told when your visa will be ready for pickup.


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