Free e-book on how to create a blog using blogger & monetize it in Nigeria

One of the most searched topics on Google and other search engines are, “how to create a blog in Nigeria”, “how to create a blogger blog in Nigeria” and the list is just endless.

If you are new into the world of blogging and you want to create a blog without spending a dime, then this post is for you as I will not only tell you good reasons while you would want to open a blogger blog in Nigeria but will also provide you a free e-book on how to create a blog using blogger.

Creating a blog using blogger is more easier and faster to do than creating a blog using WordPress. Why? Because it is not only hosted by the world’s most searched platform, Google, but it is free to use and the fun aspect is that you can even earn money online blogging, You just have to build your own brand online

Please and Please, don’t be deceived by those who tell you that creating a blog is a sure and fast way to make money online. Trust me, it takes dedication, time, hard work and patience. As I tell people, creating a blog isn’t the issue but getting traffic, targeted traffic to your blog.

You would have to learn the processes on how to promote your blog online through different online platforms (forums, Facebook, Twitter, Warrior Forum, SEO, e.t.c).

This Free E-book below was compiled by Ogusanya Jide, and it contains step by step guide on how to create a blog using blogger. Click the button below to download the free e-book on how to create a blogger blog and monetize it.


Advantages of Using to create your blog

  • It is easy to set up and operate
  • It is free, meaning you won’t spend a dime
  • It ranks faster on Google search engine
  • You can earn from it through Google Adsense

Disadvantages of Using to create your blog

  • Your blog address is usually long and ends with the extension “” depending on your country.
  • You are limited to some features as you don’t have full control over the blog because it is owned by Google.
  • The long url or blog address does not look professional.

What I do advise people who want to open a blog is to start with a free blogger blog first before they can migrate to a WordPress blog. If you have any question(s) or suggestions related to opening a blog, you can use the comment section below and I will gladly respond to your questions.





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