The First TV Station In Nigeria: NTA Brief History

Wait a minute, have you been asked the name of the First TV station in Nigeria or probably, it just occurred to you that you don’t know a thing about this question? Well, you are not alone and I bet a lot of people close to you don’t know it either. Everyone most have been carried away by the best TV stations of today in Nigeria such as Channels TV, TVC and their likes strictly meant for entertainment that they have even forgotten when last they tuned to NTA.


The First TV Station in Nigeria

Yes, NTA is the first TV station in Nigeria but it did not start as NTA, it started as Western Nigeria Television (WNTV). So when next you are asked the name of the first indigenous TV station in Nigeria, tells that person it is WNTV (now part of NTA).

Brief History of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)

WNTV began broadcasting on 31 October 1959 under the name Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNTV) with Olapade Obisesan as its first Chairman. The TV station was based in Ibadan and was the first television station in Tropical Africa. It was later in 1962 that Radio Kaduna Television (RKTV) and the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) were introduced. In 1972, Mid-west TV was introduced then later in Benue-Plateau Television Corporation (BPTV) was introduced. All this broadcasted for their respective region.

All the above mentioned TV stations were merged into one TV station in May 1977 known as the Nigerian Television (NTV). It was this NTV that re-branded into the current Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). You would find this station in every state in Nigeria its head-quarters is at Victoria Island Lagos with an Abuja network center. NTA has seasoned broadcasters who are top notch in the broadcast media such as Cyril Stober and has popular programs like Panorama, One o’ Clock Live, Inside the Senate, and You and Your Rep, Tuesday live apart from the Network News normally aired by 7pm and 9pm respectively.

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  1. It’s all good to know(86)2015054104

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    Thanks for sharing this important piece with us.Emefo nkechi chinenye.Quiz no:76

  3. Micheal Nwazuloke

    Brilliant,The history of Nigerian televisoion is one thing we all should know.. the youths and children of this modern age dont even know how it came of existence.. but with this information it has made us to understand the history of nigeria from diffrents

    Quiz no.48
    Micheal Nwazuloke

    1. Micheal Nwazuloke

      Brilliant,The history of Nigerian Television is one thing we all should know.. the youths and children of this modern age dont even know how it came of existence.. but with this information it has made us to understand the History of Nigeria from diffrent States.

      Quiz no.62

  4. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    It’s actually a fact that the first Nigerian TV station is a unique one just as the WNTV
    It’s really a stunning act
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  5. Onuorah Adaeze Chidimma

    It’s actually nice that the first TV station been the WNTV is still and is among the best TV stations ever
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  6. The first tv in Nigerian is known as Western Nigerian television nd it brought about the development of other TV stations to educate citizens
    Lagos Group A (23)

  7. This broadcasting media populary know as NTA has helped alot today in Nigeria despite the new TV stations we have today,it has been the top broadcasting media in Nigeria which today we still operate.the government should try as much as possible to put effort and resources to further the growth of this broadcast media(group7)no 12 2016054017

  8. eze chioma obioma

    TVA was the first TV station in Nigeria, but it didn’t start with NTA it started with WNTV meaning western Nigeria television,it began on 31 October 1959.(83)

  9. Truly, not everyone is aware of the first TV station even my self. with this article people will be aware and have the knowledge of the first TV station being WNTV which was merged with other tv station to beome NTA.

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    Wonderful.many of our youth dont know how televison come into esistence in nigeria but with this information many have know it .chidume happiness .c.quiz no 121

  11. ojukwu ogochukwu

    NTA is a public television owned by the federal govt,I remember AM EXPRESS every morning,NTA is a great tv station,most of the of the federal govt press realse are covered by them,they are the best station to known things about Nigeria most especially the Government.
    Quiz (05).

  12. ugochukwu Juliet

    Now I know The first TV station was WNTV quiz No 19 group 15

  13. This is fascinating, never knew about all this till now.

  14. Ifejika Celestine

    but before the advent of (WNTV). That leads to NTA. Television came to Nigeria for the first time (though experimentally) in 1956.When Queen Elizabeth 11 came to Nigeria in that year, the BBC came with a large contingent. BBC placed TV screens outside the assembly hall to enable those outside the gallery of the house to watch what was happening. .QUIZE NO. 151. .GROUP. 2

  15. okafor Sylvester

    there are many tV stations in Nigeria like AIT, STV, NTA etc But the truth is that NTA remains the largest television network in Africa .2016054004 (quiz no 20)

  16. truly this is good because it has made some people to no that wntv is the first tv station before it was merged with other tv station to become nta in may 1997. even me am not aware of that.

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  17. Amene Chidera Doris

    NTA is the first tv station in Nigeria,which still helps in broadcasting news and events in and around the country. quiz no (70). group 1

  18. Ezike Onyeka Emmanuel

    NTA, Nigeria Television Authority. has developed so much that it even laid the foundation for professionalism in the broadcast media industry. All thanks to chief Obafemi Awolowo, former premier of western region for its establishment.

  19. truly this is good because it will make people to no that wntv is the first tv station before it was merged with into one tv station in may 1997 as nta.

  20. okeke Linda chidiebere

    the first TV station is the list of things people know with this write-up people will have the knowledge of the first TV which is NTA

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  21. Wntv us a great history to the Nigerian communication and has impacted alot to the Nigerian communication industry presently group 15 no 14

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    its good to know that Nta is the first Tv station in Nigeria 2015054080(106)

  23. Oguejiofor Sochima Bernard

    The NTA runs the biggest television network in Nigeria with stations in several parts of Nigeria. Formerly known as Nigerian Television (NTV), the network began with a takeover of regional television stations in 1976 by the then Nigerian military authorities, and is widely viewed as the authentic voice of the Nigerian government.

    Quiz no:89

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    Nta is the best and other Tv station should emulate them.. 2015054066(107)

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    Wow this is so wonderful thanks for the enlightenment. quiz no 123

  26. Norman chukwuma A

    I think Nta should keep on trying to be the best…As the oldest station.. they should be good with what they are doing 2015054102 (79)

  27. Norman chukwuma A

    Nta you are the best… obianuju ojukwu 2015054102(79)

  28. Amunike Nkechi

    No 112

  29. it is not surprising that citizens of Nigeria are not aware that NTA is the first tv Station that was establish in Nigeria.this article has made it possible for Nigeria and the world to know that it is the first in west Africa

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    group 5

  30. This is indeed a beautiful historical research, I never knew WNTV (NTA) was the first TV invented in Nigeria at least with this knowledge I can argue it anytime anywhere and come out victorious. (group 15) number 1

  31. Agina Gloria Ebele

    NTA is a broadcasting station specially designed for news and entertainment for the people.the station is also blessed with talented journalists. It started with the name wntv and was later changed to n.t.a.

  32. Agina Gloria Ebele

    Quiz no 07.

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    WOW! I have been ignorant of this fact until now….Thank you Nigerianinfopedia for this wonderful enlightment. Quiz no. 60. Ndubuisi Lilian.

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    The creation of the TV station has been beneficial to us (help in easy communication) in day by day activities. 42

  35. Nwabugwu Chiamaka

    The history of nigeria television is a wonderful thing to talk about.. I have learnt so much from this information and i will advice teachers should teach our children more about the nigerian history
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    The information on the brief history of television is important because most people watching television doesn’t even know its history.
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  37. wonderful research, this can really add to the historical knowledge of Nigeria citizens.

  38. edeh chinyere salome

    the first TV created in Nigeria went a long way in laying down foundation for others.
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  39. wonderful research, this can really add to the historical knowledge of Nigeria citizens. (group 15 number 09

  40. correct but even before the advent of WNTV in 1959 what led to it’s establishment by awolowo was the denial of him by BBC to cast his own view in the political issue then.
    quiz no:151

  41. Lazarus Kelvin chidiebube

    Since the inception of NTA in Nigeria news broadcast have taken a dimensional turn towards a greater height.
    2016054 139

  42. edeh chinyere salome

    the first TV created in Nigeria went a long way in laying down foundation for others.
    Quiz no:149

  43. orizu chibugo ruphina

    To me i will say that it one of the best means of communication in the world because you will be seeing the person that is saying it
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  44. Okeke chioma Onyinye

    Wow i never knew NTA was once called WNTV and really we have really forgotten about that station and have been carried away by other stations. It is good to know other stations are coming up.

  45. Nwokeocha chioma vivian

    No knowledge is waste,learnt a lot today,the history of television is one thing we should know about.
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