First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Contact Details

First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Contact Details 

This article enlightens the reader on the Customer Care Contact of First Bank Nigeria. A happy customer will almost always reflect that happiness when the customer care representatives of any company does their job effectively. These customers care agents are also referred to as customers relationship representatives as they are often times the link between the customer and the company.


First Bank of Nigeria runs an impressive customer care system through their FirstContact platform which was launched in 2009 and this has since been digitalized to effectively and efficiently serve their ever increasing customer base.

FirstContact runs 24/7 and serves customers not only in English, but also Pidgin and other major Nigerian languages namely Igbo,Yoruba and Hausa. The First Bank of Nigeria FirstContact service also has an Interactive Voice Response feature which helps callers through on how to check account balance, make transfers, pay bills and other mobile banking services.

That said, let us now brief you on the details of First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Contact. This article will enlighten you on the correct and updated information concerning First Bank of Nigeria address, phone number, website and email for easy access via whichever means is convenient for you. This information will also be very useful for those in diaspora.

FirstContact (First Bank Nigeria Customer Care Contact) Details:


Samuel Asabia House

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35 Marina

P.O. Box 5216,



Phone :

+234 700 34778 2668228

+234 708 062 5000

+234 1 448 5500

SMS Short Code :




Online Contact Form:

Social Media:


Twitter: @firstbankngr

There you have it, the contact details of First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care. Feel free to connect with the bank.



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  1. Kwakfwan e.Jacob

    Pls.on may,2017 20:30:10 by QS894: 101114962491361342/2347032469566 I purchased airtime using first mobile but debits me #1000 and until now revisal nor my phone account is created. Thanks.

  2. taunu eseoghene

    pls I was sent moneyon the 21st of December 2017 uptill av not gotten the cash and a debit has been made already from the sender.

  3. Stanley chijioke nwokoro

    money was transferred into my account but am yet to receive any alert. I also transferred money to someone else’s account but the person is yet to see any alert.

  4. peter dania

    I would like to change my registered MTN line to my cell phone abroad, how can you help me soonest

  5. Ashir Ternder Philip

    l wish to know if branch international financial loan has a link with first bank

  6. Garba Iliyasu Garap

    Compliments of the day, I have my first bank account in yala market branch an d wish to reactivate because it has gone dormant, to my surprised I spend the whole day in the branch without achieving anything and I want to use the account, the staff concern did not even care listing to when came the next day. I therefore resort to report the matter to so that I can get my account in good time. My acct; 2026072993

  7. Akinwale folashade

    Hi I wanted to changed my aleart from my nigeria sim no to my gmail, though I upgraded my account which have been dormart ,when I came home last year towards ending ,then I told the assistant in back to change the alert from no to email, of which I fill form for this but I didnt see anything before I left Nigeria again,I will be happy if this issue can be resolved for me ,also for me to have access to my account from the present country I am now thanks ,I will be gladly if I can get any geniue clue to needs.

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