Finest Cities In Nigeria: Top 10

Nigeria is home to most of the finest cities there is. These beautiful cities are top urban centres that have been developed over the years mostly due to migration and settlement of people into them. In this post, we shall list 10 of those cities in Nigeria that are beautiful and safe to live in.


 1. Abuja 

Abuja is located in the centre of the country. It is the Federal Capital Territory and one of the most developed and beautiful cities in Nigeria to live and do business in today.

With world-class recreation centres, shopping malls and luxurious hotels, Abuja is indeed a place to be.

2. Lagos 

Lagos makes this list of top 10 finest cities in the country because it is not just a state in Nigeria, but a mega city.

Lagos State was the former capital of Nigeria and her infrastructure beats those found in most parts of the country.


The beauty of Lagos can mostly be found on her Island axis but most definitely, her mainland also has some really beautiful locations that could leave one breathless.

3. Calabar 

Calabar’s beauty spans round the various road networks built by the leadership of the state.

Calabar was also a former capital of Nigeria and the current capital of Cross River state. It has beautiful scenery. With tourist destinations, chiefly Obudu Cattle Ranch, this city is worth visiting.

4. Owerri 

Owerri is the capital of Imo state and it was once dubbed the cleanest city in Nigeria.

Owerri is very beautiful, with artistic scenery. You can find luxurious hotels too in the city. Her view is just amazing.

5. Uyo 

Uyo is the capital of Akwa Ibom State. It is a fine and secure city to live in Nigeria.

The road networks in this city is excellent and one thing that stands Uyo out is the football stadium built to world-class standards found there. You should check out Uyo.

6. Enugu 

Enugu is also among the finest cities in Nigeria currently. The capital of Enugu is Enugu and it is fast becoming a place to be.

The planning of the city is really lovely and what stands it out is its amazing Shoprite store which people craze about.

7. Port Harcourt 

Port Harcourt is also one the finest cities to live in Nigeria.

It is the capital of Rivers state. It is also known as the Garden City.

A fine city located in the heart of the Niger Delta.

8. Akure 

Akure is the capital of Ondo, the sunshine state.

In 2006, it underwent a face-lift and that face-lift has been sustained till this day. Little wonder Akure makes it on this list.

9. Kaduna 

Kaduna is the capital of Kaduna State.

This state is really beautiful and lovely. Kaduna has good road networks and once there, you might be tempted to think you’re not in Northern Nigeria.

Kaduna is simply magnificent and it is the most beautiful and developed city in Northern Nigeria.

10. Warri

This beautiful city is located in Delta state.

It rivals Asaba, the capital territory but slightly edged out Asaba. Warri was developed more than Asaba in the early days, that is why it makes this top 10 finest cities in Nigeria.

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