Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure 2023 (Official)

See the latest Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure 2023 from the least staff to the director of the FCSC based on various grade levels.


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The salary structure of the FCSC i.e Federal civil service commission is paid according to the hierarchy and structure in the service. This entails that a Graduate salary with B.Sc will not be higher than the Director of the FSC who is the highest officer in the service.

What is the FCSC?

The FCSC is the executive body of Nigeria that is empowered to appointment, transfer and ensure discipline over the Federal Civil Servants in the country. The Office of the Head of Civil Service Federation exercises control over all staff apart from the chairman and the commissioners.

The reason why most young Nigerians apply for the commission’s recruitment process online almost every year is that the Federal Civil Service Commission is been touted as one of the highest paying establishment in Nigeria and also one of the best places you can work in especially if you want to build a successful career with job security and many financial benefits.

Before we list the Federal Civil Service Commission salary structure for applicants who are interested to know, I shall list their responsibilities or better still the duties performed by the commission which includes:

  • Recruitment of senior officers;
  • Providing the necessary guidelines on the promotions, discipline, and appointmentsof it’s staff;
  • Duty to represent the civil cervice commissioners at senior staff committee meetings of ministries;
  • Reviewing and approving the recommendations on disciplinary cases of senior officers;
  • To ensure the promotion of officers to senior positions by conducting promotion interviews and exams.

As earler pointed out, the Federal Civil Service Commission salaries is based on levels and hierarchy and also on educational qualifications and years of experience. As of today, the minimal wage set by the Federal government for a least paid worker at the service is N18,900, almost what a youth corpers earns monthly.

Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure

Find below the Official Salary structure of Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC)

1. Least paid worker/staff:

If you are employed as a least paid staff on Grade Level 01 Step 01, you will receive N18,900 per month. If you sum it up for 12 months, that means that the least paid workers earns a total of N226,800 annually.

2. School leaver:

A school graduate will be placed on Grade Level 04 Step 1 upon employment. He or she would earn N242,994 per year as salary.

3. Officers:

First, you will be placed on grade level 06 step 01 which means that an officer at the FCSC will receive an annual salary of N316, 229. Increase in pay only comes when one attains step 15. He or she will receive N487,295 in a year.

4. Diploma certificate holder:

With Grade Level 07 Step 01, you will receive N43,163 per month as a diploma certificate holder in the Nigerian Federal Civil Service Commission. Annual salary when you add up the monthly salary should be N517,965.

5. Officers’ counterparts:

Unlike the officers’ salary, the counterparts are placed on Grade Level 09 Step 01 and would receive N780,656 in a year. Increament is only possible after attaining Step 15, where one earns N1,152,698.

6. Graduate:

Graduate salary at Federal Civil Service Commission on Level 08 Step 15 is N81,000 monthly and N978,663 yearly.

7. Director of the Federal Civil Service

It is only the director that occupies the highest paid position at the FCSC with a monthly salary of N454,344 and an annual salary of N5,452,136.

While these salaries at the Federal Civil Service Commission is what I could find, be aware that this is not the complete list. One thing is certain that these figures would rise for each staff as they are promoted to new grades and levels.

Application into the FCSC in Nigeria today is a difficult venture as you have to know a high placed individual in the service. We also know that few people get federal jobs based on merit. The recruitment is always done on a yearly basis and willl be published on top newspapers in the country or on the commission’s website.

If you know more about information on the Federal civil service commission salary structure that was not listed, you can help keep the page alive by using the comment section below.

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