Fastest & Surest Ways to Rise in Rank in the Nigerian Military

If you are looking for the fastest way to rise in rank in the Nigerian military (army, navy, airforce), then this post is for you. To surely rank quickly in the Nigerian military, you must be a disciplined military officer who has no bad record in service. This is because ranking in the military takes a lot of sacrifice, determination and hard work to your country.

How to Rise in Rank in the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force

In the Nigerian Armed forces, a Nigerian military officer receives promotion points based on some certain accomplishments and they are

  • Duty Performance
  • Competence
  • Military Bearing
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Responsibility/Accountability
  • Awards and Decorations
  • Military Education
  • Civilian Education
  • Military Training

So, if you really want to get promotion in the Nigerian military (Nigerian army, navy and air force),you must score points in the following above. Although, some of the above categories may be more important than others. You should also have the following as an added advantage which will help you rank fast in the Nigerian military.

  • Neat Personal Appearance: This entails an officer in the military being neat at all times. As long as you are in active service, he or she must always be on his full military regalia as deemed fit by the command. Doing this always will allow you stand out from the rest.
  • Confident Oral Expression & Conversation Skills: An officer in the navy or air force, soldier in the army, must be confident and must be ready to defend himself orally when called upon by the promotional board or in any situation.
  • Vast Knowledge of World Affairs: Having insights of various current affairs and happening around the world is one sure way to rise fast in rank in the armed forces. This is because you are seen as intelligent and one who is current with information.
  • Mature and Obedient Attitude: Taking mature decisions goes a long way if you want to be promoted fast in the army, navy or air force. These decisions show leadership traits. You must also be obedient to your superiors if you must garner favour from them. Their recommendation on your behaviour can go a long way if you want to have a very successful career and rise quickly in the Nigerian military.

I believe with the above points listed, you should be able to rank fast in any of the Nigerian armed forces with ease.

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