Explosive Facts and Figures! GEJ vs Buhari

1. Goodluck Jonathan sold fuel at N87 while Buhari is selling at average of N200 & above and fuel is selling half it’s price all over the world, yet Buharists think Jonathan was more corrupt/wasteful.

2. When GEJ Budgeted N1bn for feeding in Aso Rock in 2014, (halved it to N500 million upon shouts) APC cried wolf and now Buhari’s budget for same is N1.7bn yet Buharists are mute and still think GEJ was more corrupt/wasteful.

3. GEJ spent N1.4bn to service all Presidential jets in one year while Buhari spends N6bn on same in 6 months (they later agreed to N2.5 billion in six months compared to N1.4b in a year for GEJ) yet Buharists think GEJ was more corrupt/wasteful.

4. GEJ gave more allocation to education while Buhari’s 2016 (first) budget favours Ministry of Information (Propaganda) more than education yet Buharists think GEJ was more corrupt/wasteful. What are you informing with N39.6 bn if it is not an avenue to defraud Nigeria legally?

5. GEJ spent an average of N8million on each international trip while Buhari spends an average of N25m on each international trip yet Buharists think GEJ was more corrupt/wasteful.

6. GEJ created over 5 millon jobs in 5 years while under Buhari’s watch over 2 million workers have been sacked in 7 months. Liase with the Federal Bureau of Statistics for more info.

7. GEJ made Nigeria’s economy the best in Africa and quadrupled our GDP in 4 years while Buhari has dragged Nigeria’s economy down to 8th position in ranking in just 7 months.


8. GEJ left Naira exchange rate at N185 to $1 but Buhari has destroyed the Naira in just 7 months which now sells at N300 to $1.

9. It took GEJ less than 2weeks to select his cabinet while it took Buhari 6 months to do same.

10. Buhari claimed that subsidy was fraud (Who is subsidizing who) but Buhari has spent trillions of Naira on fuel subsidy since May 29, 2015 and still there’s chronic fuel scarcity with exorbitant pump price and all Buharists have suddenly gone dumb.

11. Buhari/APC accused GEJ of corruption but have not been able to pin one stain on him while Buhari himself followed the crowd that entered into the #DasukiGate.

12. Buhari said that Boko Haram are his “misguided brothers” while he declared an internationally reknowned freedom fighter like Nnamdi Kanu a terrorist. Can you imagine!

13. Buhari does not have an Honorary WAEC certificate but bags an unapproved and illegal Honorary (Ph.D) from Kaduna State University (El-Rufai’s university) and yet Buharists respect his NEPA Bill more than GEJ’s PhD.

14. Buhari used his secondary school principal’s recommendation letter to become Military Head of State and again used Court Affidavit to become President.

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  1. I prefer Jonathan regime to Buhari regime because when Jonathan was in power Nigerian economy was good.

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