Fortresses of Corruption: See Photos of Exotic houses owned by Popular Nigerians in the UK

Following the announcement of Prime Minister (PM) David Cameron’s anti-corruption summit, UK press seems to be worried.

The press is of the opinion that it is the same set of people who own lavish homes in their country that the PM wants to fight corruption with. According to DailymailUK, everyone knows the country is a dumping ground for corrupt money yet, there are no actions to curb it.

See some of the houses of Nigerian politicians below, as shared in the article:

images (40)

14 Mapesbury Rd NW6 bought by former Nigerian governor of Bayelsa State Diepreye Alamaseigha. 4-5-2016 pic by Ian McIlgorm.

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17, The Bishops Avenue, N2. Owned by Nigerian Ibrahim Jimoh



The White House, The Bishops Avenue N2. Owned vis nominee company Belside Properties Ltd by Nigerian Aliyu Audu, the son of Abukar Audu 4-5-2016 pic by Ian McIlgorm.


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