Examination Irregularities, Something To Look Into

Cheating in examinations has always occurred throughout the world and in all ages. Since school populations are fair samples of the larger society, it is to be expected that many school children will be morally upright while others will be unscrupulous and ready to reap where they did not sow.

Students cheat in examinations mainly because they realize that they have not covered the required syllabus before the examination, and consequently, deserve to fail.

Unwilling to accept defeat, such students resort to cheating in order to achieve undeserved success.

The materialistic attitude of most Nigerians facilitates the committing of examination irregularities by students. Corrupt invigilators and supervisors accept bribes in order to allow students cheat with impunity in the examination hall.

Custodians of question papers permit students to have foreknowledge of the questions provided the latter can pay the price named by the custodian.

Parents too are guilty of these offences. They should discourage their children from involving themselves in such dishonest practices. Some will even go as far as providing money for their children/wards to cheat and ‘excel’ in special centres.

One reason why examination irregularities are on the increase is the fact that there are too many willing accomplices.


Can this evil be nailed and gotten rid of once and for all? That is a big question that begs to be answered.

Anyway, government should de-emphasize the undue importance attached to the possession of paper qualification; it should be possible to re-orient our educational system towards the needs of entrepreneurship and  skills acquisition.

With such a policy, every student will be encouraged to acquire some saleable skills and the mad rush for paper qualification by hook or crook will reduce. That will also put paid the urge to commit examination irregularities.

In conclusion, government and the appropriate educational authorities should collaborate to enact stringent laws that will have a deterrent effect on would-be offenders and their collaborators.

This generation needs it’s best heads, not some half-baked mediocres.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta.

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