Essay Writing in Nigeria: How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Essay writing is often dreaded among Nigerian students as students are tasked with specific topics and are expected to develop the topics into something readable and meaningful. This is without doubt, one of  the most complicated skills that Nigerian students are required to learn and master in their various schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning.

In the United States, they focus a great deal on improving their students’ communication skills by regularly giving essay assignments and if you’re a Nigerian student, it will interest you to know that a big percentage of native English speakers over there don’t do so well with these assignments.

This post will enlighten you on how to write great essays and be confident about it.


How To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills. 

These points that will be raised subsequently are various ways on how you as a Nigerian student. Non-Nigerian students are also welcome to try out these tips. So without much delay, let’s get to the point.

1. Be A Habitual Reader. 

If you want to be a good essay writer, you have to be a good reader. Cultivating a good reading culture helps broaden your knowledge on various topics and it sure helps improve your vocabulary. Once you can read really well and comprehend the thoughts of the writer you’re reading, this will help you confidently write essays and with ease.


2. Develop Your Own Dictionary

In order for you not to forget the new words you’ve learnt and their meanings while reading, you have to develop your personal library as this is really important and helpful to help you remember words and their meanings. This will help you naturally cultivate the habit of noting down new words whenever you come across one.

3. Understand That This is a Process. 

Writing the best essays don’t happen overnight, you need a lot of practice and patience to develop something really nice so the advice is for you to take all the time you need and avoid rushing so that you don’t write something unmeaningful.

4. Cultivate the Habit of Writing Everyday. 

Writing everyday gives you confidence. The more you write, the more you improve and the more you grow into the art of writing.


5. Make Out Time to Get Feedback. 

You’re always going to need a second opinion for your work. If a native English speaker checks your progress, gives you insights on different problems you have and generally helps you with clues, your progress is going to be quick. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. No one is perfect, so you should never worry about critics.

6. Never Give Up on Writing. 


Keep writing and developing your writing skills. Never give up on writing. The more you write, the better you construct your words and the easier it becomes to pass your message across. Never give up.

With the above tips, you should be able to write a good essay anytime you pick up your pen and anytime you’re given a topic to develop. Even if you’re a Nigerian student in a native English speaking country, who says you can’t be better at writing essays?

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