Ernestine Shepherd Biography: This Granny Will Inspire Many Nigerian Women

Often times, I have wondered why many Nigerian women who had great figures to die for later ended up fat and out of shape. This weight gain frustrates them but they do not know how to go about shedding it.

To some, it might be a direct consequence of giving birth, while to others, it is as a result of their lifestyle and diet.

Here is a woman that will inspire you to do something about that weight gain and stay in shape and be as healthy as you want to be.


Meet Ernestine Shepherd, born June, 16, 1936. She will be 80 years old later this year. This African American is a personal trainer, a professional model, a body builder and she is really fit.

Although not a competitive bodybuilder anymore, she was at one point the oldest competitive female bodybuilder in the world as recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010, 2011 and 2015.

How did it all start? What prompted this grandma to keep fit and stay in shape? The answers are right here.


Although a model for many years, it so happened that at the old age of 56 (Young woman, how old are you?), she and her late sister, Mildred Blackwell went to try on some swimsuits and discovered that their bodies were out of shape.

Did it please them that they were out of shape? No! Did they do something about it? Yes!


Even at that age 56, she along with her late sister started aerobics classes and it paid off greatly!

Ernestine has won two bodybuilding titles since the age of 56 as well as run nine marathons and to help her keep fit, she also eats healthy.

Her diet consists of 1,700 calories a day from boiled egg whites, vegetables, liquid egg white drink and chicken and she does not take food supplements.

It is also noteworthy to mention that she runs 80 miles a week.


Dear Nigerian woman, even if you had all the curves to die for and your body did fit into almost every cloth you tried on and you are no longer in shape, now might just be the right time to start exercise classes, do regular work outs, not necessarily to increase your muscles but to keep fit, take walks when necessary and watch what you eat, I mean, eat healthy and do not starve.

If granny can do it, you too, with determination can do it. Yes you can!

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