Entry Level Salaries of Companies in Nigeria and Agencies

This post contains the entry level salaries of Nigerian companies and agencies. If you are looking to know what Nigerian Breweries starting salary is? or even the salary of NNPC staff fresh graduate or any other sector in Nigeria, you will find them on this page.

For record purposes, while some salary figures on these page might have changed, we did everything possible to be accurate in knowing how much companies in Nigeria pay their entry level workers or fresh graduates. Below are the different salaries that some top Nigerian companies pay their entry level staff.

Entry Level Salary for the Banking Sector in Nigeria

  • Union Bank – N180,000 to N258,000
  • Guaranty Trust Bank – N209,000
  • Diamond Bank – Entry level is N240,000, For trainees – N80,000
  • UBA – N142,000
  • First Bank – N119,000 (before confirmation), N100, 000 (after confirmation)
  • Enterprise Bank – N249,000
  • Keystone Bank – N127,000 not adding allowances
  • Fidelity Bank PLC – N180,000

Entry Level Salary for Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

  • Shell (SPDC) – N667,000 for permanent staff while N250,000 to N500,000 for contract staff
  • Mobil Oil Nigeria – N500,000
  • Mobil Producing Nigeria – N700,000 to N800,000
  • IOCs E&P – N600,000 to about N1million
  • Independents E&P – N300,000 to N600,000
  • Multinational oil servicing – N300,000 to N600,000
  • Tier 2/ Indigenous oil servicing companies pays N200,000 to N400,000
  • Tier 1 downstream – N200,000 to N400,000
  • Tier 2 downstream – N150,000 to N200,000
  • Chevron – N750, 000
  • Schlumberger – N500, 000
  • Halliburton – N375,000
  • NNPC Entry Level Salary – N190,000
  • NestOil PLC – N150,000
  • PPPRA – N190,000
  • DPR – N190,000
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Entry Level Salary for Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

  • PZ Cussons – N145,000
  • Meristem – N100,000+ including profit sharing
  • Guinness Nigeria – N120,000 to N160,000
  • Dangote CementN – 140,000
  • Nigerian Bottling Company – N148,000 to N160,000
  • Cadbury Nigeria Plc – N130,000
  • Nigerian Breweries entry level salary is N350,000
  • Lafarge – N90,000 not including allowances

Entry Level Salary for Electrical Sector in Nigeria

  • General Electric – N300,000+
  • Huawei Technologies – N140,000 (subject to increment)
  • EEDC Eastern Electric Distribution CompanyN350,000
  • PHCN Entry level salary – N79,000 (excluding allowances)

Entry Level Salary for Auditing and Consulting Firms in Nigeria

  • KPMG starting salary are as follows: N124,000 (non-chartered accountants for those in the Audit and Tax divisions)/ N138,000 (for other entry level staff)
  • Price Water House (PWC): N140,000
  • Deloitte: N150,000

Entry Level Salary for Telecommunication companies in Nigeria

  • MTN Nigeria entry level salary is N180,000 to N250,000
  • Airtel Nigeria salary for graduates: N100,000
  • Globacom: N120,000

Other companies in Nigeria salary for new graduates not listed like P&G pays N200, 000, INEC pays about N77,000 with allowances, Multi-choice DSTV from N40,000 to N70,000.

The figures listed above are either for permanent staff or professional not contract staff or ETOPs and these salaries are the monthly paid in these top companies. Note that some might be salary without deducting tax.

Oil exploration companies pay at least N500,000 for entry level employees, while servicing companies pay at least N200,000.

Multinational oil companies pay according to global standards because their employees can be deployed to anywhere in the world. This explains why they pay the highest salaries.

Most bank employees don’t get to earn the figures listed because the figures are for professional staff, whereas 75% of bank staffs are contract staff who don’t earn up to one-third of the figures listed. So, don’t be surprised to know that most “bankers” don’t earn as much as the listed figures.


Aviation companies pay between N600,000 and N800,000.

Actual salaries may vary slightly depending on qualification and unit.

Most companies offering seemingly low salaries bolster their pay with juicy allowances.

Your Part

Accurate figures of entry level salary of different Nigerian companies are hard to come buy, but we tried to keep it brief. If you think any of these figures listed above have either changed or outdated, you can help make corrections using the comment section below with evidence. We would also make corrections as deemed fit.


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