Edo Governorship Election: A Tale of Two Riggers

Exactly 1,925,105 registered voters spread across 2,627 polling units took to the polls in Edo to decide who takes over from Gov. Adam Oshiomhole, in a keenly contested election.


With the APC candidate, Godwin Obaseki, coasting home to victory with 319, 483 and his closest rival, Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the PDP, polling 253,173, I think Ize-Iyamu could have carried the day but for certain terrestrial and celestial forces that worked to his dis-favour. Spare me the long gist!

Ize-Iyamu of the PDP is a man I have a soft spot for and would have cast my vote for him, if I had one to cast. I am never a party person, you know!

I think he is typical of Lagosian, Jimi Agbaje, who never was to be governor in Lagos, despite the songs sung to his praises.

It soon turns out that no one could have been better than Ambode who is hotter than fire at the moment in terms of quality service delivery to Lagosians. I sense that Obaseki is an Ambode in his own right. Any doubt?

Ize-Iyamu is my man, any time, any day and may have to brace up for the polls ahead. I like him for his oratorical prowess, especially at the debate and I feel he could make a better candidate but lo, Obaseki carried the day.


The Edo people have spoken and let no one say it was rigged. The question is can any party in Nigeria ever beat its chest to say that it doesn’t make any move towards rigging? Hell no! This is Nigeria, mind you!

In fact, an attempt to reject the result in any election in Nigeria is, in itself, a corrupt act.

I wish Obaseki a hearty congratulations, while hoping and praying that he succeeds more than his successors. He sure will!

Ayo Alonge writes from Lagos.


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I am simply known as Ikenwa Chizoba, a seasoned blogger and the Founder of Nigerian Infopedia. A very simple person who loves writing, reading and research.


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  1. Hank-A

    Congratulations to APC and the Edo people…Governor Adams did a great job and it does not require a brain surgeon to know that Edo people will vote APC. I like both men, but I think APC will do a better job for Edo people. All the best Mr. Godwin!!!

    1. But don’t you think the election itself was rigged in favour of the APC

      1. Hank-A

        … your accusation is debatable. If PDP had won, APC would be making the same claim…in this case, let us agree that the better rigger won.

        1. But don’t you think that APC has murdered the trust Nigerians have for her with the current situation of the country?

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