Editor’s Desk: The Character of Men

The wide world is a classroom. It is a place where everybody is a student, a teacher and a headmaster. It is full of mistakes and regrets.

In the world, one man’s problem is another man’s business. Everybody suffers and struggles before enjoyment. The world is a suffering and smiling place.

Many people in the world succeed without striking a toe anywhere, but some have struck theirs in various places, and even fell down but they still ended up unsuccessful.

Those people with opportunity are misusing it but those who are looking for it with tears see nothing. The world is a place where what you do not want will come to you but what you do want will disappear.

Nobody wants you to lead him or her, one person’s downfall is another person’s happiness. Your best friend today may be your worst enemy tomorrow. The wounded beings are the most dangerous people in the world.

A man you eat with now, next hour, may be another one of Mr. Death’s captive forever. Everybody wants to be at the top and walk in the air, no one wants to be at the bottom. Everybody wants money by all means but it appears as if they do not want it and they say money is not all.

In the world, people die everyday just as women give birth in the same way. Some get rich everyday while some get poor daily. Hatred is so high but everybody laughs as if love is there when there is none.


God answers some people’s prayers because of the sincerity of their hearts and dumps other people’s prayers because their hearts are desperately wicked, self seeking and self centred. Everybody’s enemy is a person from their inner circle, it might just be a person from their household.

This world is a place where the lawmakers are the law breakers, the rich and influential lawmakers go free but the poor and ordinary suffers painfully for even breaking the minutest of laws. The law breakers get rich so quick but the law keepers are haggard and tattered on the streets.

A place where the poor will clean up the streets but the rich and arrogant do not care, rather they spatter mud on them and pass. Who will say and who will talk? Who owns the world?

God and money are in a power tussle over their rights. Who will judge God and money? Who will conduct election for them? God cannot be seen and money cannot talk. Confused world and confused beings!

A place where the wicked and gossips dominate, the  peacemakers there are frustrated and murdered. Everybody loves a winner but nobody is ready to build a winner because everybody wants to be the winner and the talk of the town.

Nobody cares to help you but when you reach the summit, some people will become ants around your table, some will become vultures around you, waiting patiently to scavenge anything you throw at them.

The hindrances of your visions are some people you see. It is the stuff that you are made of that makes you superior or inferior in places you go to. If you must reach the top, follow your heart convictions, avoid idle talks and you will avoid a lot of trouble. What you avoided yesterday makes people respect you today.

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, yours is the earth and everything in it.

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