Editor’s Advice On Social Media Use: Be Your Natural Self

Some of you should really check what you put on your faces as make-ups before you upload here. In your quest to look beautiful, you cross the line and it’s a pity that those in your inner caucus cannot andwill not tell you the truth about your appearance.

The same can be said about your dressing; you mistake bedroom clothes for normal, everyday wears and go about thinking you really did justice to your appearance.

On the issue of snapping your butts and uploading, it might actually be trending among your circle of friends, but it’s not cool. Butts are meant to be covered, not exposed, their primary function is to pass out excreta in confined areas called toilets, the last time I checked, Facebook wasn’t a toilet, so respect yourself and be mature like you always claim.

One thing I’ve come to realiseis that majority of you didn’t start like this, you started well but with time, you began to unconsciously copy what you saw others do on social media…

There’s still time to correct what has been a mistake but the choice lies solely with you. You can decide to do something or do nothing because I know that I’m talking to everyone and I’m talking to no one.

I am Obialo Maduawuchi and I just want to make common sense



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