If president Muhammadu Buhari’s certificate saga becomes a trial he must defend in court at this point in time, then, i will not be reluctant to say that the Yoruba political navigators who did not allow this same issue to hold ground prior elections till Buhari assumed office have a clandestine motive to oust the president from power before time.

In politics, the sin of any politicians is brought to light when personal or group interest arises. Watchout and see, it may not be easy for President Buhari to forge ahead with the uncertainty of his certificate except he dances to the tune of those who want him to amend certain policies he put on ground that is affecting them. Or else, he would be going through the same frustration the senate president, Bukola Saraki has been subjected to.

How would you imagine the Nigerian presidency going to court with over a dozen of (SAN) to stop his trial on certificate forgery? Of a true, in politics, your friend only awaits to revenge you when your decisions as the leader doesn’t go down well with him. Apparently, this is the time when corruption is fighting back corruption.

Our candid advice to Mr. President is that he should go and get a copy of his WASSCE result from his secondary school if trully he finished. Or, ask for a photocopy of his result from the defence council where he enrolled for millitary training. Because, his WASSCE result must be presented before admission into force. Or isn’t that the case in Nigeria? Better still, write to U.S war college for a copy of his result.

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You can’t tell me he obtained a master degree in military course overseas without presenting his WASSCE result as a requisite for the course. Mr Buhari should be honest and straight forward as a man of integrity he claims in this issue.

Charity they say, begins at home. Nigerians are watching.


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