Editorial: My Country, My Dream by Chimamaka Onuoha


I woke up to a country where love was key where friendship meant a thing irrespective of tribal differences and our patience not so thin. 

I woke up to a nation free of nepotism, government organisations buried favouritism, where my countryman was picked based on qualification and not ‘who you know’ communication. 

I woke up to a country where despots and liars were conquered and gone, where campaign promises were truly done. In rural areas the hardship gone, the war against poverty won. 

I woke up to a country where the road connecting Abuja to Lokoja was no longer a death trap, the Kaduna expressway was smoothly tarred, the Kpakpa to Sagamu road provided a smooth ride, the eastern roads Enugu/Aba to Portharcourt, the Umuahia to Ohafia to Arochukwu was no longer a death ride. 

I woke up to a country where the rights of the easterners were upheld and heard, where the Igbos scattered in the far lands of Ezza, Izzi and Effium in Benue no longer cried ‘who are we? nor suffered the pains of minority disregard. 

I woke up to a country where the Niger Delta crisis was resolved, where the people of the Niger enjoyed the gifts of their rivers and a home proudly loved. The Niger Delta Avengers case file closed, an issue solved. 


I woke up to a country where the north became a beehive of academic elites, their streets cleared of ”alamagerees” were properly lit.

I woke up to a country where the sight of electric light no longer generated ecstasy for power supply had hit consistency, a city well lit where darkness took flight. 

I woke up to a country where election violence was a song no longer sang, the fire of hate fanned by opposition parties a forgone turbulence quelled by love and brotherhood free of gunshot bangs. 

I woke up to a country where ‘One Nigeria’ truly meant a thing, where the youths were empowered and unemployment a forgotten thing, where the youths were at the helm of affairs and bureau paving way in leadership for our tomorrow. 

I woke up to and ideal society where every sector experienced a revamp, where corruption was truly cramped, bribery battered beneath morality’s fence, the tiers of government manned its affairs with no interference and citizens no longer passed dying neighbour with total indifference. 

I woke up to a country no longer held to ransom where insurgency was held ransom and societal peace emerged Falcon. 

These are the things I saw as I walked the streets of my country and read the national dailies. 

A country where news was no longer bad news and the depiction of its children’s belly was no longer skeleton with skin covers but happy children with brilliant smiles no longer hanging on hunger noose

with a hope for brighter future where destiny lies.

I heard there was a revolution, the grave need for changed stirred provocation, the revolution carved a new country, Nigeria my country a country with a new spirit inhabiting every countryman. 

My mind’s deceit, for this dream felt so real howbeit, I love the dream that I dreamed so real, for these are the dreams I have for my country.


Chimamaka Onuoha is a brilliant youth who seeks a better Nigeria and she believes in the Nigerian dream. 

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