The Dangers of Pornography: A Murderer of Conscience

Pornography is everywhere, from our various neighborhoods, to the TV programmes, to the Internet, the list keeps increasing. Pornography aids masturbation.

Masturbation is one of the dangers of pornography, which is a spiritual unhealthy habit which conforms one to an attitude of being self-centered and corrupt minded and view others as mere sex object for sexual satisfaction. Most rapist are unrepentant masturbators. They get seduced easily.

Imagine a little four years old girl sitting on the legs of a 30 years old masturbator, without doubt, he will start feeling aroused since he lacks self control. To quit masturbation is to avoid pornography of every kind, especially on the internet and mobile devices like phones, Ipads, etc.

Another of the evil dangers of pornography is that it also destroys your conscience. Conscience was put in us to guide us from bad and leads us towards good, to help us differentiate our rights from wrong.

For our conscience to always remain effective, we must use and nurture or train it wisely. Remember, people that watch pornography always become addicted to it.  As time goes on, the more often you watch it and shut up your conscience, the more ineffective it becomes.

It comes to a point when your conscience stays silent even as you’re on a wrong part, it doesn’t try to stop you again, it leaves you. That’s the reason some people don’t see anything wrong with same-sex marriage, being gay or watching humans like you having s*x with horse, dogs, even monkeys and probably elephants due to the temporary pleasure they are getting which has actually killed their conscience.

Finally, the media should stop promoting contents that aids the death of conscience. Secular music with pornographic contents should not be promoted either on the media or even on the internet because pornography, even if we don;t admit it is a form of mind control that can self destruct any individual.



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Joy Umukoro

I am Joy Umukoro, a grahic designer, journalist and also a writer on Nigerian Infopedia. Love making friends, reading and writing. Am also a Jesus addict. Saved by Grace Alone

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  1. Mark

    Joy, your view on maturation is backwards as are most Nigerian views on morality. Nigeria is a society where we see nothing wrong with underage girls getting married and having children serve us and wash our clothes and our children. Yet we want to demonize maturation and homosexuality. The people who masturbine have the same urges and desires as those who dont. Morality is about controlling our actions with regard to our fellow human beings. Nigeria is an immoral society our moral excesses are far worse than the masturbators and the pornographers. We are country that condones the exploitation of children on an unprecedented level.

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