The Dangers of Excessive Intake of Energy Drinks

Lucozade boost, sports, Red bull, Power horse, Monster etc are all energy drinks and are sold virtually almost everywhere round the world and are used by athletes and those who engage in sporting activities. While there are different varieties of energy drinks, many of these so called energy drinks seriously pose a great threat to one’s health especially when they are taken in excess.


We often neglect the true energy giving source of energy, carbohydrates and patronize these drinks in search of quicker energy boost especially when we feel weak or stressed out. Science has proven that most of these energy drinks can’t give you the desired energy compared to carbohydrates gotten from natural sources and can pose great risk to the health of man.

Energy drinks, contains excess caffeine which can cause Insomnia (lack of sleep). Its high intake can increase the chances of hypertension which in turn can lead to stroke. Also, it contains excess sugar which can cause diabetes that is the reason doctors don’t advise weak patients to take such drinks.

Below are some reasons why it is dangerous to excessively take energy drinks

  1. Those who take energy drinks excessively suffer from heart burns which lead to cardiac arrest.
  2. It causes insomnia (lack of sleep). The presence of caffeine in energy drinks causes sleepless nights, which causes decline in overall output and weakness.
  3. It causes headaches and migraines
  4. It can lead to increased panic attacks and anxiety.
  5. It excessive intake causes high blood pressure especially if you are hypertensive which can lead to stroke.
  6. It could make you hyper-active.
  7. It causes vomiting and dehydration.
  8. It causes allergic reactions
  9. The presence of its excess sugar can cause Type 2 diabetes.
  10. it can cause addiction
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What are Energy Drinks used for?

Energy drinks were made to provide quick energy especially when one is worn out but the presence of  caffeine and other chemicals used in creating the drink can have serious effects on the individual. Schools, colleges, universities are places research show that the high intake of energy drinks and alcohol in a combined form is most prevalent and is the cause of most school related offenses. Medical experts agree that the presence of these chemicals in energy drinks are what causes type 2 diabetes in people. The effects of caffeine can lead not only to insomnia but also nervousness, stomach irritation, change in character and hyper-activity.

What You Should Not Use Energy Drinks For

  • Do not use as substitute for water when you are dehydrated.
  • Should not be used by sick patients when weak as a means to regain lost energy.
  • Occasionally, energy drinks are not necessarily bad for you,they should not be seen as natural dietary supplements because it was never approved by the FDA.
  • Once an energy dink advert says “energy drink with no caffeine”, know that the energy in the drink is gotten from guarana, an artificial sweetener, which is an equivalent of caffeine.
  • It is advisable to take one energy drink once a week than daily even if you are an athlete.

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