Current Top 10 Cleanest Cities In Africa

The beauty of clean cities is that they promote pride among their inhabitants, they also improve the physical, health and working conditions of their inhabitants.


This article presents to you the cleanest cities currently in Africa, feel free to read along.

Below is the current list of top 10 cleanest African countries

1. Cape Town (South Africa):

This impressively clean city is situated between the ocean and the mountains. It has all the amenities and sophistication of urban cities and the city’s cleanliness is ensured by the Solid Waste Department which encourages its residents and visitors in ensuring general cleanliness in streets and public places.

2. Port Louis (Mauritius):

Port Louis is the capital and largest city in Mauritius. It is also the country’s economic, cultural and political seat. Handled by the Municipal City Council of Port Louis, this city is impressively clean with numerous buildings and monuments.


3. Johannesburg (South Africa):

The largest city in South Africa, very prosperous with many modern buildings and facilities. The Johannesburg authorities encourage residents to volunteer their time to help clean up public places.

4. Nairobi (Kenya):

Nairobi, also known as the “Green City in the Sun” is Kenya’s capital and largest city. It is governed by the County Government of Nairobi and it is one of the cleanest cities in Africa.

5. Gaborone (Botswana): 

The capital city of Botswana and one of the world’s fastest growing cities, it is managed by the Gaborone City Council which has taken many steps to ensure its cleanliness.

6. Tunis (Tunisia):

Tunis, the capital of Tunisia is the largest city of Tunisia. Its relatively clean nature compared to that of other North African countries is due to the City Council’s responsibility in ensuring that filth is checked over there.

7. Accra (Ghana):

The Ghanaian capital and largest city. Accra is relatively clean and it is centred on the British, Danish and Dutch forts and their surrounding communities.

8. Libreville (Gabon):

The largest Gabonese city and also its capital territory. Almost half citizen live here. Really clean city with well paved roads. Libreville resembles a European city.

9. Dar es Salaam (Tanzania):

Capital city of Tanzania, the cleanliness here is awesome. It is one of the cleanest cities in Africa.

10. Windhoek (Namibia): 

The largest city in the whole of Namibia and the capital city of the country. Windhoek is innovative and has engaged local communities in solid waste collection and removal.



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  1. Ekow

    Even in Ghana, Sunyani and not Accra is the cleanest. Who wrote this

  2. Gideon Gituma

    Am from Nairobi, Kenya but am based in Rwanda… am Proud of my country but there is no way Nairobi is cleaner than Kigali.
    Kigali should be among the top.

  3. Jesse Reynolds

    Kigali should be right at the top

  4. Jack

    I think u said only about cities you only know .there is no way KIGALI is not on the top of the list . Not only in Africa but worldwide

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