How To Curb Unemployment In Nigeria

In the last quarter of 2016, the unemployment rate in Nigeria increased from 10.4% to 14.2% earlier this year. It is noted to be the highest jobless rate since 2009. This has propelled 14 young Africans from Nigeria and Ghana to curb unemployment in Nigeria and the Africa continent as a whole.


In just their first week of launching, they were able to provide 500 jobs and from 200 reputable international companies who use their job arena from 19 African countries, and still spreading.

It is clearly obvious that the government is struggling in the employment sector even though it has sought to employ as many as they can through large-scale recruitment exercises, an attempt to boost employment by “threatening” businesses that lay off people, seems to be slowly progressing.

What caused the 14 Young Africans to take action?

Nigeria and Sub-Sahara African continent is struggling to create lucrative job offers for an always-increasing mass of unemployed people. It is getting way out of hand and this is why:

  • Debt-ridden Arik Air, Nigeria’s largest airline was taken over by the government to save it from collapsing in February. They account for 55% of Nigeria’s passenger traffic.
  • In September 2016, Nigeria’s oldest working airline, Aero Contractors suspended operations due to their huge economic challenges.
  • Emirates, which is one of the world’s richest airlines, limited their daily flights to Lagos and Abuja
  • United Airlines shut down its operations in Nigeria.
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As these companies crumbles, job demand rises. Last November, the federal tax agency received 700,000 applications for 500 advertised positions in November 2016. Also, in May 2016,closely a million-people applied for 10,000 listed positions in the Nigerian police force.

Most of these people are the young graduates in the country. It cannot be over emphasized enough of how the young people are the backbone of the society. For a country to progress at a faster rate, we need more of the youth working, not just working but working in the field in which they can progress massively.


It is for these many reasons that the 14 young Africans decided to take the step to curb unemployment in Africa by providing guaranteed employment for young graduates. This was made possible through the WealthBankers Job Arena which is was financed by WealthBankers: a member of Global Wealth Innovations’ network of about 20 companies.

It is Possible to Eliminate Unemployment In Africa: 14 Young Africans Takes The Step

What is the real cause of unemployment in Africa? Is the government the cause? Are we victims of the mistakes made by the older generation? Is it Laziness on the part of the youth? The real cause of unemployment in the country is no one’s fault in particular yet everyone’s fault.

It is a political problem. It is a societal problem. The economic sector is at fault too. If a nation is ready to once and for all curb unemployment, the people will have to come to a “oneness” in solving the issue. For example, the government should not in any way try to dictate the way the market works, but work with experts in that field to help both the market and the people as a whole.

This is where the 14 young Africans from Nigeria and Ghana draws their inspiration from. The youngest who is 16 years old had this to say about unemployment in Africa,

“We wanted to change the African story and present Africa in the light of its budding youth who are full of potentials and yearn for such opportunities to show their capabilities. We wanted to be known as one who magnifies and encourages the large African youthful populace to achieve more and aim higher”— Jane Love

There is the Need To Encourage the Society to Value Hard Work

It is necessary to inform the young people to stop this notion that to be successful, they need to have certain degrees and certain kind of jobs. Rather, we should encourage innovating the young people to solve new problems, coming up with new ideas to help the society. This will prevent much overcrowding in companies we see today. 

The Education System Needs to Be Worked On

It’s become an expectation in many parts of Africa that most people are going to graduate with expensive bachelor’s degrees from prestigious schools. People are aiming on the certificate ladder. The problem with this is that, once people graduate, they already are in thousands of Naira of student debt. And most times, these students are not always ready to work.

It is important to have an educated society, but it is also important to have people who have the experience, skills, knowledge, and adaptability to get the job. What we see now are graduates who partied their way through the university.

The government can have a selection program which seeks to select exceptionally brilliant students in all fields to help with the countries problem. This will be at low cost compared to seeking assistance from other countries.

The Government Should Implement Policies That Will Encourage Economic Growth

There are many things that can be done to help progress the economic state of the country. For example, taxes can be lowered for consumers, which will enable them buy more thereby encouraging job growth.

Subsidies looks deceitfully as it makes it look like they maintain and even create jobs, but they actually hinder job development in the long run.

Curbing unemployment is not a month’s journey, but continuous dedication to seeking new ways to alleviate the problem. It is possible to eliminate poverty. It starts with us, and the 14 young Africans who are behind the success of WealthBankers Job Arena have taken the lead. Come on everyone lets follow them and change Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


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  1. Ike Bassey

    its so heart warming to see that their are young people on this continent who are serving as instruments of change. With that been said, I visited the site and discovered that it had jobs not just in my country but other African countries. Where exactly is it located in Africa and can it be possible for me to apply for a job in Europe through wealthbankers job arena?

    1. Adjei Ernest Atta

      Hello Ike Bassey. WealthBankers Job Arena is located in Ghana and working around the clock to extend it’s boundaries across the world. As it stands now, you cannot apply for a job in Europe yet.

  2. Nana Aning

    Entrepreneurship is probably regarded as the panacea to unemployment in Africa but I beg to disagree.
    I honestly believe that not everyone can start a business. There is a lot involved and not many people have the heart for it.
    Great post by the way

  3. Lydia Baba

    The unemployment issue is very alarming. It is good to know that there are some individuals who saw this sad plight of graduates to create a job board that can help them to get a job.

  4. Theodore Adrohu

    I am of the strong opinion that the education system needs to be critically looked at and re-structured. The are so many students studying in the university, courses that have no real life practicality or courses that will soon be made redundant by technology. We should do better and educate our children to become the bedrock of our society moving forward.

  5. Gertrude Asiome

    Your solutions to the unemployment issue in Africa are solid. I hope everyone will take cues from this article and do their little parts to solving the issue of unemployment in Africa.

  6. Manny Obeng

    With all these, I am back to believing unemployment can be greatly reduced in our country!

    Only if we follow these to the book then my faith would increase with time

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