How To Create A PDF Using Microsoft Word Easily

Pdf files need no introductions, chances are if you have been to the university or work environment, then you must have had an encounter with it. However, for the sake of knowledge sake, let define it as many don’t really know it definition even though they use it every day. PDF is the acronym of Portable Document Format; it is a fixed-layout electronic file format that preserves document formatting and enables file sharing.

One good thing with this type of document is that they can’t be edited using pdf viewers except using tricks. If you want to make a change to the document, you need to make the change to the original document and convert it into a pdf again. With this type of file, your document is secured from editing to a limit, at least to less tech savvy people. Follow the steps below to create your own pdf file using Microsoft word. Before we proceed, make sure you have or download the Publish as PDF or XPS add-in.


  1. Create your file and add the text, chat and images you want. Format it the way you want it to be because ones it is transformed into a pdf, it will be in the format you created.
  2. Go to “file menu” located on the status bar. In some version of the office suite, the file menu is the Microsoft office button.
  3. Go to “Save as” and choose pdf as the document format. Give the document a name and save it.
  4. Congratulations, you have created a pdf document, use an adobe reader to view your document.
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