Which Country Zip Code is 23401? See Answer

When you Google which country’s zip code is 23401, you would be presented with United states provinces like Keller, Accomack County in Virginia and Nigeria. While I won’t say these claims are false, as I would use this medium to clarify this issue of knowing a state’s postal code.

Unlike the US, Nigeria’s postal code depends on the area or state where you want an item delivered. Take for example if you are in Lagos, your zip code will be different from some one who resides in Abuja. But we often advise that if you are confused on what area code to use when filling a form online, stick with 23401. This is because it is the recognized code used internationally especially on Paypal, Ebay, Amazon to signify Nigeria.

There are people who complain that using zip code 23401 isn’t working. The truth behind this was that Paypal and some other e-commerce sites blocked that digit on their system because of the high rate of fraudulent activity associated with Nigerians on their system. Most foreigners complained that thy were scammed by citizens who had 23401 as their zip code.

Although, they promised to release the list of scammers and blacklist them, they ended up blacklisting Nigeria that is is why Nigerian debit cards hardly works of Paypal, Amazon and other top online sites. To clarify issues on postal codes, you can check the directory that contains all the Nigerian states zip codes here or better still you can visit NIPOST near you to find out which is your correct area code.

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