10 Best Counseling Services in Nigeria

In life, there are times when anger, resentment and frustration take a toll on people. For some, its easy to get out of such situations while for others, it can be difficult which in turn leads to anxiety and depression. This is a psychological related issue, hence the need for professional guidance and counseling services.

Top (10) Ten Counseling Services in Nigeria

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Most Nigerians don’t know how to get in touch with qualified counselors to get the neccessary psychological therapy for their mental or emotional issues. If this trend is left unchecked, it can result in trauma for these patients as most suicidal cases documented in the country suggest. To reduce this trend, we selected top counselling outfits to consult based on reviews and success rate recorded by these psychologists.

Below are top 10 counseling services in Nigeria to get the best theraphy from.

Institute of Counselling Nigeria (ICN)

Also known as the ICN, they hold the record of being the first firm to offer psychotherapy and clinical counseling in the African continent. They have seasoned professionals in counseling studies and base their tenents on Christian morals and principles.

The aim of ICN is to promote the counselling profession by teaching those interested in the art so as to become experts in the field of psycho analysis and  build their skills in counseling using their state-of-the-art facilities within their conducive environment.

Note that the institute is located in Abuja and they are a non-profit organization.

Beyond the Heart Therapy

This firm was established by an expert in the field, Mrs. Chiadi Ndu, a Masters degree holder in the field of Counselling Psychology. She applies a host of techniques, using her own style of interpersonal communication skills to keep her clients relaxed.


Beyond the Heart is one of the best, providing quality counselling service as reviewed by clients, patients and those that subscribe to Ndu’s therapies. Many say that the outcome of such therapies relieves them from emotional stress, depression, improves total wellness and has a positive psychological effect on them

DeeDee’s Relationship Counseling Service

If you are battling relationship and depression issues and would require an excellent counselling service to consult, then DeeDee should be your preference. This service is made possible by one of Nigeria’s top blogger, Detola Adegbohun popularly known as DeeDee.

Deedee has experience in various life threatning issues especially love and emotional matters. Due to his passion in seeing people get that mental freedom from psychological truama, he bagged a certificate in Relationship coaching and Counseling Psychology which makes him an expert in such.

The success rate recorded since the establishment of this counseling outfit is overwhelming as Detola who runs telephone-based counseling services also has helped many people ranging from youths, men and women going through depression issues pull through from it.

service took off when DeeDee began by using his writing skills to push relationship contents all over the world before he began to speak and support people going through one relationship issue or the other.

Within 6 months of launching this counselling outfit, Detola has helped over 100 men and women battling with relationship and depression challenges through .

23 24 Relationship & Family Counselors

When it comes to counselling on family and relationships, 23 24 Relationship and Family stands out. They have licensed counsellors whose expertise in marriage issues, therapy, post-traumatic counselling for both adult, teens and adolescents make them stand out.

This counselling firm prioritizes total mental wellness and self discovery during therapy sessions so as to get the desired result. So when you book an appointment with 24 24 Relationship & Family Counselors, you are sure to get professional advice from specialists in the feild.

Dayo Ladi-Omotunde

Another qualified specialist and licensed counsellor in counselling and psychological therapy is Mr Dayo Omotunde. He is a motivational speaker based in Lagos and know how to strengthen weak relationships.

He co-founded 23 24 but still has his own firm. Dayo’s knowledge and expertise has seen him feature on various TV shows, radio programmes and even magazines. Dr. Dayo Omotunde firm also allows therapy sessions via video and telephone calls, also through the internet by his company’s social media platforms too.

Marriage Matters

This organization was founded by Bose Fawehinmi who is an expert counselor and specializes in working with couples, singles, families and even parents. She is also a licensed counselor with certificates from CCEF, including other relevant disciplines from the United States and even in Lagos.

Marriage Matters have expert psychologists who uses therapy and consultation methodology to foster relationships especially among both singles and married couples who find it difficult in sustaining their marriages. Also, the use of solution-focused approach has proven to be effective as individuals, couples and families attest to the counselling services of Marriage Matters.

The main aim is to provide and help depressed individuals with psychological challenges the much needed solution to overcome fear, stress, anger, addictions, anxiety and other emotional disorders that are prevalent in today’s society through cognitive behavioural therapy, marriage counselling and careful assessment to enable individuals become more productive in life.


This counseling outfit is located in Lagos and are also among the best in this listing. They provide the following counseling services:

  1. Forensic therapy using in depth psychological investigation to solve criminal issues.
  2. Help Autism patient adjust to society using behavioral analysis psychology.
  3. Mobile psychotherapy which entails you get the necessary guidance and counseling wherever you are, i.e home service.
  4. Real time consultancy for those who wish to study courses in counseling, be it online or offline, you will get adequate mentor-ship on career goals, skill acquisition in mental and psychological wellness, etc.
  5. Adequate and prompt psychological evaluation for mood swings and abnormalities.

At PsychNG, you meet with top psychologists who are friendly, giving you the necessary support to achieve your goals, visions and career aspirations.

Seek “a” Counsel

Why we prefer Seek “a” Counsel services is that you can easily book an appointment online with any of their counsellors. They are the first e-counselling website that offer such service in the country.

Victims suffering heartbreak torture and can’t speak out patronize them a lot. The offer this free platform to the oppressed who are public shy and won’t want their private issues exposed while receiveing counselling from specialists.

Ask Dr. Malik

Dr. Malik Haruna has authored many books on mental health, personal hygiene and even psychology. He also studied medicine at the University of Jos. He owns an e-counseling website where those with various health challenges meet him for advice.

He is also a certified therapist on reproductive health for women with sexual related issues. Dr. Malik is the best relationship counselor based in the Northern region of Nigeria. Aside from online consultations, he also offers face-to-face bookings.

Jack & Jil

Jack and Jil was founded by one of Nigeria’s top motivational speaker, Leke Alder as an online counselling website that allows those seeking for relationship advice, inspiration and other services from experts worldwide get the very best.

SInce its creation, the popularity of Jack & Jil has spread to 49 countries as the platform allow members of different countries communicate freely, share ideas, advise with one another and even get the best relationship counseling service from Leke Alder himself.


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