Cost Of Publishing A Book In Nigeria Today

Are you considering publishing a book and you are interested in knowing how much it will cost you?

Well, I have a shocker for you… there’s no straight forward answer to this kind of answer seeking question other than it depends. Yes, it depends on whether you want to self-publish your book or you want it done for you by a publisher.

If you’re going the self-publishing route, you know all the monetary investment will come from you. You will have to get a competent editor whom you will pay for editing your work. You will also pay a graphic designer who knows the ins and outs of book cover and illustration design to help give your book the visual effect and touch of quality you need.

After that you need to arrange for the launching and marketing. All these will cost you money. However, if you scale through and it becomes profitable, you keep all the profit to yourself.

However, if you are going to get it published through a publisher, the story is different. First, the options of involving a publisher varies. The first being that the publisher publish the book, launch it and market it and you will only get a royalty which is in most cases not more than 10%.

The second option will be that they will publish and launch it while you take care of the marketing aspect. This 2nd option is only available to authors they are sure has audience that will attend the book launch and spend.

The last option will be you paying them to do everything (that’s, the publisher acting purely as an agent). However, this last option is pretty expensive.


Generally, publishing cost vary from one publisher to another, since they vary in their competent and popularity level and because most publishers tailor fit their services to the exact need of their clients.

It is also important for you as an aspiring published author to know that cheaper does not always means best. The best way to go is find authors and let them give you an idea of what it cost them and from there, you can have a flexible stand!

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