Civil Engineer Salary Structure in Nigeria

This post is about the salary structure of civil engineers in Nigeria monthly. Engineering is one of the dreams of most young minds. No wonder it is one of the highest paying careers in Nigeria at the moment. 

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Civil Engineering Salary Structure in Nigeria

Engineers are in very high demand; there is no way government will not construct roads, so they need a civil, structural and environmental engineer. A civil engineer can even start his own firm executing projects.

While it is true that most engineers earn really interesting sums, it should be known however that not every student with an engineering degree will score a fat pay cheque. Even if first degrees are essential, employers mainly look out for graduates with hands-on ability to perform, their competence in the area of IT and communication skill.

This means that for employability sake, one must go beyond whatever they’ve learnt and acquired during the course of their first degree and really develop themselves to gain deeper knowledge and experience in the field.

Civil engineers are paid really well because of the technicalities and risks involved in their jobs. In addition to this, their high pay is also due to the fact that they have mathematical skills which help in carrying out their work. These mathematical skills are complex and require real concentration so as to get accurately the dimensions and measurements they need in their various projects.

The nature of their jobs require them to carry out certain risky tasks. That is why they and other engineers in general take safety precautions against certain hazards associated with their jobs.

Having said all these, how much do civil engineers earn in Nigeria? Some are paid between N250,000 – N300,000 with some earning as high as N400,000 monthly. These salaries go with several other allowances and benefits. Civil engineers are paid according to their experience and number of years on the job.

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