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Recruitment: Federal civil service Commission

The Federal Civil Service Commission of Nigeria is recruiting in the following ministries: (i) Federal Ministry of Information; (ii) Federal Ministry of Environment; (iii) Federal Ministry of Justice; (iv) Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments; and (v) Bureau of Public Procurement Method of Application Qualified Applicants can access Application Forms on-line on FCSC Website: […]

15 Reasons People Don’t Like You

Reasons People Don’t Like You While hate is a strong word and best reserved for things like racism and bigotry, there are plenty of things that can bring about a deep dislike for someone. Here are 15 of the most common. 1. You lack manners. Whether it’s chewing with your mouth open (gross), not saying “thank […]

Nutritional Value Of Beverages


Beverages are fluids apart from water, consumed both as stimulants and also because they are palatable. They  also have nutritional value and benefits. They may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic e.g. milk, tea, coffee, wine, beer, fruit juices and fruit drinks. Tea, coffee, fruit juices and drinks are non-alcoholic while beer, spirits and wine are alcoholic. […]