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How to Transfer Photos from Android Phone to PC


Smartphones are now responsible for the majority of photos that are taken. The downside is that these photos, collectively over time, take up a lot of room. When you throw in videos, time-lapses, burst shots, snaps, and uncompressed raw files, you can easily fill up a 16-gigabyte device. It has been observed that users don’t […]

How To Curb Unemployment In Nigeria


In the last quarter of 2016, the unemployment rate in Nigeria increased from 10.4% to 14.2% earlier this year. It is noted to be the highest jobless rate since 2009. This has propelled 14 young Africans from Nigeria and Ghana to curb unemployment in Nigeria and the Africa continent as a whole. In just their […]

Zenith Bank Internet/Online Banking: How To Setup & Use


Zenith bank internet banking provides a 24/7 platform for zenith bank customers to carry out their banking activities in a secured and convenient way. The Internet banking platform for zenith bank reduces stress and increases productivity of the customers as well as the bank using the best practice. ZENITH BANK INTERNET BANKING: WHAT YOU CAN […]

The Truth on How Muhammed Died (When & Where)


There are many controversies surrounding how prophet Muhammed died. Some argued that the cause of his death is unknown, others say he died of fever, i.e of natural causes, some school of thought say that he died of poisoning. In this article, we shall highlight all the scenarios on how prophet Mohammed died, citing authoritative […]



There are varieties of strategies to help you save thousands of Naira over your car. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 of these strategies to help you. DRIVE PRUDENTLY Aggressive driving like speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking is one of the quickest ways to waste fuel. To cut fuel costs, you should […]