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This contains information and addresses of embassies of various countries of the world in Nigeria.

Full List of Foreign Embassies in Nigeria: Addresses & Websites

us embassy in Nigeria

Nigeria maintains diplomatic relations with a number of countries across the world. The establishment of embassies in the country is the result of this international relationship. The embassies serve as a focal point for foreign diplomatic issues. There are approximately 104 of these embassies and consulates in Nigeria. In this page, we will provide a […]

Contact Details of the United States of America Embassy in Nigeria

us embassy in Nigeria

Do you want to travel to the United States and are looking for the U.S Embassy in Nigeria, then you are the right page. You should be aware that the United States of America currently has two mission offices in Nigeria that has different functions. History of the US Embassy in Nigeria The American Embassy […]

Embassies in Nigeria: Addresses & Phone Number

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This is a comprehensive list of the contact details of selected embassies in Nigeria. Here contains the addresses and phone numbers of various countries embassies in the country today. Algeria Plot 1398 Honourable Justice Mamman Nasir Street, Asokoro District, Abuja, Nigeria. Tel: +23493142840. Angola¬† Plot 321, Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District, Central Abuja, Nigeria. Tel: […]