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Best Cheapest MiFi Devices in Nigeria & Prices (May, 2023)

best mifi devices in Nigeria

Nowadays, the use of Mifi Devices has been quite prevalent in the networking industry. The reason for this is because everyone wants to browse the web with faster internet connection in this technology age. MiFI network is seen as an alternate to WiFi, but the two are distinct and operates on a different broadband. With […]

How To Clear E16 Error on DSTV Easily

dstv nigeria

This post provides the easiest methods for clearing DSTV E16 error easily on your decoder via internet and SMS. DSTV is a popular digital satellite TV series, well known all across sub-Saharan Africa. With so many interesting bouquet and programmes ranging from entertainment, lifestyle & culture, movies, religions, sport, music, cartoons & news. DSTV is […]

Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria (2023)

loan apps in nigeria

Most people imagine long queues, countless waiting hours and time spending when thinking about applying for loans physically in the bank. Technology advancements, has helped mitigate this long process by making it easier for people to apply for loans in minutes via mobile application. In this modern banking service, quick lending apps is one innovation […]

How To Track Someone With Phone Number in Nigeria (2023)

How To Track Someone With Phone Number in Nigeria

Tracking a person with the phone number is feasible with the use of modern tecnology softwares which uses Global Positioning System (GPS). With this navigational system you can know how to track a stolen phone if you have the phone number. This post will show you how to track a phone with a mobile number […]

Prices of Best Hoverboards in Nigeria (May, 2023)

hoverboard prices in nigeria

You probably have been seeing a few hoverboards turn out around your street, and you are interested in getting one for yourself. Majority of people who see or are already using hoverboards thinks these super motor traveler technology is a new innovation. Hoverboards have however been in existence for over two decades, since it was […]

Official LG Offices in Lagos, Nigeria


This post contains LG Office addresses, outlets, showrooms and trusted authorized distributors of LG products in Lagos, Nigeria. LG electronic appliances is not new to Nigerians as they are regarded as one of the leading electronic company in Nigeria and in the world that manufacture electronics, mobile phones, home appliances and other tech products. LG […]

Best School Management Software Systems in Nigeria (2023)

Best School Management System Softwares in Nigeria

With the world reaching more heights in technological advancements, there are some addons to the system of running schools. This is through various school management software. In this article we will look at these softwares, outlining the top ones in Nigeria. Also, the pros, cons and costs of these management softwares will also be covered […]

How To Rollover Unused Data to Your Next Subcription (2023)


This post will tell you how to rollover your unused data for next subscription for all Nigerian networks (MTN, AIRTEL NIGERIA, 9MOBILE & GLO) Nigerians are either used to not finishing of their MB (megabyte) or data subscription and when the time frame of the current subscription expires without you finishing your MB or data, […]

How To Easily Detect A Hidden Camera In A Room Using Your Phone


Have you ever been in a situation where you have been spied upon through a secret webcam in a room without knowing? I am sure the answer is yes. With the advent of modern and sophisticated cameras, it is getting more easier for people’s live to be monitored and made public with the use of […]