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This contains information on private universities in Nigeria, admission process, courses offered, tuition fees, etc.

Types of University in Nigeria: Full List


In this post we shall provide all university types in Nigeria that are dully accredited. This includes all universities owned by both the federal and state governments. Students who want to continue their study and earn a Bachelor of Science degree after secondary school can be dully admitted to these academic institutions. As earlier stated, […]

The First Private University in Nigeria


Which is The First Private University in Nigeria? The first private university in Nigeria is Igbinedion University, located at Okada town in Benin city, Edo State of Nigeria.   When was the First Private University in Nigeria established? It was founded in 1999 by Sir Gabriel Igbinedion Brief Information about Igbinedion University Nigeria’s first private […]

10 Best Private Universities in Nigeria (2023)


Private universities in Nigeria have come to stay. While the majority of the Nigerian students flock to the public universities, a number of them mostly from well to do homes sees the private ones as a choice. And contrary to the opinion of many, private universities are some of the best place to school in […]

Full List of Accredited Private Universities in Nigeria (NUC)


In this post, you will have the first hand information about the current list of accredited Private Universities in Nigeria. Accreditation is done by the National Universities Commission as they are the only organization in Nigeria saddled with that responsibility. Any private university in the country that isn’t accredited is illegal and if found out, […]

Top 10 Best Private Universities to Study Law in Nigeria (2023)


Law is a system of rules that are generated and imposed through social or governmental institutions to regulate conduct. While different private universities in Nigeria with law faculties that pride themselves as best schools for legal studies in the country, we know that not all these academic institutions are accredited. Law degrees have always been […]

Top 10 Private Universities in Nigeria 2023 (NUC Ranking)


Studying at a private university in Nigeria might be expensive when compared to government owned universities in the country. This is so because the quality of academic learning you get in private universities differ from federal and state schools. In recent times, private universities that are accredited by NUC now have bragging rights just as […]