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This contains general information on National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) in Nigeria

NYSC: How to Make Money as a Youth Corper (2023)

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If you are a Youth Corper and you are looking for ways and how to make money as a youth corper during NYSC year, you have stumbled on the right page as I will be dishing out ways in which you can make money and add to the current new allowance (N33,000) paid by the […]

NYSC: Best States For National Youth Service in Nigeria (2023)

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We recently published a post on all you need to know concerning NYSC orientation camp. In this post, we shall expose the best states for National Youth Service in Nigeria and the highest paying states for NYSC. As we are aware that the NYSC 2023 Batch A posting would soon commence. Most prospective corp members […]

NYSC Orientation Camp: Preparation & Requirements for NYSC (2023)

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Have you received your NYSC call up letter or has the NYSC mobilization list being pasted on your University’s announcement board and your name is on that list, I would like to congratulate and welcome you into a new reality. A reality of service to your fatherland. I wrote this post with the experience I […]

Contact Details For All NCCF Chapters in Nigeria (2023)


As a Christian Corper doing your NYSC, you would need to associate yourself with your fellow christian corp members. If you are a Catholic, you might want to join NACC (National Association of Catholic Corpers) but if you are a protestant or belong to any other church denomination, you should consider NCCF. NCCF: What They […]