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Current Prices of Thermocool Washing Machine in Nigeria (March, 2023)

washing machine in Nigeria and prices

Haier Thermocool are a quality brand known to produce good home appliances. This company have a selection of top-notch washing machines to solve the issue of spending long time doing laundry. If you have ever used Haier Thermocool washing machines, you can attest to its ease of use, durability and good washing performance. With the […]

Latest Prices of Washing Machines in Nigeria (March, 2023)

washing machine in Nigeria and prices

Are you in search of buying a good washing machine to solve your cleaning needs. You may not be far from the solution as we have provided prices of the best washing machines brands in Nigeria. Also in this article, we’ll also list the pros and cons of washing machines and how to get the […]

Current Prices of Sewing Machines in Nigeria (March, 2023)


Are you a fashion designer who recently completed his/her training and you’re set to stand on your own? Are you someone who has a great urge to becoming a well-known fashion designer/tailor in this country and beyond? Are you someone who is about enrolling into a fashion-designing training course? Whichever category you find yourself, you […]

Current Prices of Industrial Baking Oven in Nigeria (March, 2023)


The baking industry play massive part in boosting Nigeria’s economy as there are many large-scale bakeries whose productions are consume by larger population of the country. Taxes paid by each bakery across Nigeria help to enrich government’s purse and it directly affect the country’s economy. As much as there is huge profit in the business, […]

Current Prices of PVC Ceiling Panels in Nigeria (2023)


Ceiling panels are very important especially when it comes to building houses. While the roof of a house or office might beautify it outside, it is the ceiling that beautifies the inside. While the use of asbestos sheets has passed and has become vogue, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) ceiling panels are now becoming popular and are […]

Current Prices of 10KVA Generator in Nigeria (March, 2023)


Nigeria’s power sector has left so much to be desired by its citizens over the years. The whole country could experience a total blackout for more than three days. There hasn’t been a week where the whole country enjoy regular and untouchable power supply — that’s how worse electricity has become in the country. As […]

Current Prices of Mikano Generators in Nigeria (March, 2023)


The epileptic power supply in Nigeria has left many Nigerians with no  option but to add generator to their basic needs of life. Most villages in the west African country sometimes go 20 days without experiencing a flash of electric light, while, some towns could experience the same fate for a month or more. Many […]

Current Prices of LG Air Conditioners in Nigeria (March, 2023)


It’s hot season here in Nigeria and many people are going for air conditioners of their choice. You equally need to have yours because it’s unhealthy to stay in a room whose temperature exceeds normal/standard room temperature. However, before you go for any air conditioner brands of your choice, let’s quickly open your eyes to […]

Current Prices of Panasonic Air Conditioners in Nigeria (March, 2023)


Air conditioners are made of different qualities, styles, sizes, shapes and designs. However, if you want an air conditioner that will suit your needs and equally serve its purpose, you should be going for Panasonic air conditioner because of its highly dependable and effective features and qualities. In Nigeria’s market today, Panasonic is definitely rated […]

Best Brands of Air Conditioners in Nigeria (2023)


Nigeria is not the hottest country in the world, but it is definitely one of the hottest countries in Africa (just visit Sokoto state between March and March to see for yourself). During this period, the temperature of every room exceed the normal room temperature, while the walls of every building naturally gets hot and […]