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Information on the latest prices of foodstuffs in Nigeria

Current Prices of Basmati Rice in Nigeria (2023)

Basmati rice price in Nigeria

Rice is one of the major starchy cereal crop planted in very large quantities in Nigeria, with many countries across the globe venturing into rice production. This cereal grain is of various types and the methods of its preparation are different. While many countries engage in large production of rice grain, Basmati rice isn’t any […]

Current Price of Crayfish in Nigeria (May, 2023)

crayfish prices in Nigeria

If you want to know how much crayfish is sold in the Nigerian market today, we have covered it extensively in this write-up. Crayfish is one of the food ingredients that can’t be omitted when cooking. It is a common delicacy in the diet, especially among the people of both eastern and southern Nigeria. This […]

Current Prices of Beverages in Nigeria (May, 2023)

beverages in Nigeria

In a recent survey report, Nigeria currently ranks as the 2nd country with the highest sales of drinks and beverages. With millions of patronisers and buyers, it is no surprise that a vast number of people enquire about the price of current beverages in Nigeria. We’ll try to strike a balance on this, as we […]

Current Price of Palm Oil in Nigeria (May, 2023)

palm oil prices in Nigeria

Palm oil is an essential food commodity in Nigeria, which has many health and market advantages. This makes the need for palm oil produce and products to be high. The prices of these palm oil is much considerate, as you can buy them in different volume depending on your cash at hand. Nonetheless, to keep […]

Current Prices Of Food Commodities In Nigerian Market (May, 2023)


When it comes to food commodities in Nigerian market, it is obvious that a single write-up won’t be enough to do justice to all of them. To this effect, we shall be limiting our focus to important and wide-known food items in Nigeria ranging from; Rice, Beans, Maize, groundnut, Yam, Palm oil, vegetable oil, Tomatoes, […]

Current Prices of Bag of Rice in Nigeria Today (May, 2023)

rice in Nigeria

To know how much a bag of rice costs currently in Nigeria today, one must first be aware that most rice dealers fix prices based on some factors. The size, brand, economy, dollar exchange rate and even location are just a few factors influencing the cost of bag of rice prices in the country. Rice […]

Latest Prices of Foodstuffs in Nigerian Market (May, 2023)

prices of foodstuff in nigeria

Without denying it, every now and then, I wish I could just know the latest prices of foodstuff in the market before getting there. This helps me prepare my budget before hand so as to avoid surprises. However, I usually don’t get exactly what I want as it is very difficult to get the exact […]