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Information on latest prices of building materals in Nigeria

Latest GeePee Tank Sizes & Prices in Nigeria (2023)


Water storage is necessary because it is one of the most essential necessities of life. Storage is absolutely essential, particularly in areas where water is scarce. Water tanks, such as Geepee tanks, have become popular as a result of this. GeePee tanks are how most Nigerians refer to overhead water tanks. This is due to […]

List of Roofing Companies in Lagos & Contact Details


The roof design is a critical component of our home’s overall view. When it comes to roofing, though, the roof material used is more important than the aesthetics. Are you seeking for a professional to help you with your home’s roof? Learn about the services that the top roofing companies in Lagos can provide. We […]

Latest Transparent Roofing Sheet Prices in Nigeria (2023)

transparent roofing sheets in Nigeria

Transparent roofing sheets are one of the notable type of roofs in Nigeria. This kind of roof is often used due to its aesthetic and light nature. If you’re interested in having this building materials for your rooftop, then you are certainly on the right page. We’ll keep up with the latest rates of transparent […]

Top 10 Best Cement Brands in Nigeria & Prices (2023)


The cement industry in Nigeria has grown at a very fast rate. Their are many cement brands coming up and they are competing with each other to get the top spot. We have compiled a list of top 10 best cement brands in Nigeria, their prices, and what makes them special for you as the […]

Cost of Molding Blocks in Nigeria (2023)

cost of moulding blocks in Nigeria

Molding blocks is way cheaper than buying blocks if you are thinking of building a house or are in the building material business. The cost of moulding blocks in Nigeria depends on the quantity of blocks a contractor is expected to produce or the number of bags of cement used in mixing it with the […]

Current Prices of Wallpapers in Nigeria (June, 2023)

wallpapers and their prices in Nigeria

Wallpapers are very essential, especially when looking for good decoration to a room. This is also used as an alternative to wall paints. With the large collection of wallpapers in the market today, it’s pertinent to peek at their current prices. This will surely help you to know how much can go for this essential […]

Cost of Building a Duplex in Nigeria (June, 2023)

cost of building a duplex in nigeria

Nowadays, almost every individual seeking to build a new house always goes first for a Duplex. The reason is not far-fetched. It is a 2 story/unit building and contains more rooms than a bungalow. Building a duplex in Nigeria does not come cheap so it is important to have an idea of the estimated cost […]

Cost of Building 3-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria (June, 2023)

cost of building 3 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria

The cost of building a house this 2023 is very different from what it used to be in the past years. A lot has changed in the process of building houses in Nigeria. Some factors have to be considered for decision making and strategic plans put together. An individual that intends to build a house, […]

Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria (June, 2023)

cost of buiding 4 bedroom bugalow in Nigeria

Building a house isn’t an easy process as it takes finance, planning, man power and technical know how to construct a standard 4 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria. There is a sense of accomplishment and feeling of great achievement that people have when it comes to being a landlord, having the home of their dreams. Despite […]

Current Prices of PVC Ceiling Panels in Nigeria (2023)


Ceiling panels are very important especially when it comes to building houses. While the roof of a house or office might beautify it outside, it is the ceiling that beautifies the inside. While the use of asbestos sheets has passed and has become vogue, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) ceiling panels are now becoming popular and are […]