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This contains information on popular Nigerian business entrepreneurs recognised nationally and internationally and have distinguished themselves in the business industry.

Top 5 Richest Doctors in Nigeria & Net Worth (2023)


Medical doctors are respected professionals in Nigeria that are known to treat sick patients. In fact, the richest doctors we have in Nigeria today are few due to the complexity associated with studying medicine as a course in the university. Some rich doctors are worth millions of Dollars and have greatly contributed to the health […]

See How Much Linda Ikeji Makes In A Month Currently


Linda Ikeji is Nigeria’s richest blogger at the moment who makes tonnes of money from her blog, Aside from her popular blog, she is also a successful business woman whose net worth is now estimated at $10 million by Forbes. When she started her blog in 2006, Linda did it without the intention of […]

Founder & Owner of (Picture)


If you are looking for information about the owner of, here is his profile, picture amd what you must know about the founder of is an e-commerce network in Nigeria, rated as one of the best online selling website by (a global economy rating site). For an e-commerce network to get […]

Top 10 Richest Black Women in the World (2023)


Black billionaires are now springing up in the world. For instance, the richest woman in Africa today isn’t Alakija Folorunsho but Isabel Dos Santos. She also doubles as the wealthiest black woman in the world. Over the years, black people have dominated the wealthy class especially African Americans. Billionaire men and women like Dangote and […]

Fela Durotoye Biography & Net Worth (2023)


Fela Durotoye rings a bell in the ears of many. Just at the mention of his name, people immediately associate him with motivational speaking. He is the Famous Husband of Tara Fela Durotoye, a celebrity make-up artist and the woman behind House of Tara. The information contained in this post will tell you more about […]

Top 10 Richest Women in Nigeria & Net Worth (2023)


In this post we list top 10 richest women in Nigeria and their net worth this 2023. One of the things money and wealth does not know is gender. Regardless if someone is a male or female, if he/she works his/her way toward getting rich, he/she definitely will if God permits. However, the male folks […]

The Richest Yoruba Man in Nigeria & Net Worth (2023)


Wealthiest Yoruba Man in Nigeria 2023 We recently wrote on the richest Hausa man who we all know is Alhaji Dangote and the current wealthiest Igbo business man in Nigeria to balance the ethnicity. We also made a list of Nigeria’s billionaires 2023 who are seen as shakers of the economy. This post therefore will […]

Top 5 Richest Business Men In Lagos & Net Worth (2023)


If only one state is blessed in Nigeria, then that state is Lagos state. According to Forbes Magazine, a magazine known for its ranking of the world richest, Lagos has 4 billionaires, 360 multi-millionaires, 6,800 millionaires. Interestingly, the city of Lagos is ranked the 4th richest city in Africa. The city holds a total amount […]

How To Contact Linda Ikeji Easily & Personally

Linda Ikeji is richest blogger in Nigeria

How to contact Linda Ikeji Easily?┬áSo who is Linda Ikeji and why would you want to contact her personally? Linda Ikeji contact details including her personal phone number and email address can be gotten from her blog. If you are in Nigeria you must have heard about Linda Ikeji or lindaikejiblog. We all know her […]

Forbes Top 10 Nigerian Billionaires & Net Worth (2023)


Forbes recently released the list of Nigerian Billionaires who are wealthy business men. Those big names that made the list were ranked based on property, value of shares they have in quoted companies and other assets. Of course, few popular rich men in Nigeria such as Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga and Femi Otedola were no […]