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MC Lively Biography & Net Worth (2023)

mc lively barrister mike

If a list should be made about the most entertaining comedians in Nigeria on YouTube, then MC Lively wouldn’t fail to make the chart. Sani Michael Amanesi, popularly known by his stage name, MC Lively or Barrister Mike is really lively in being one of Nigeria’s most entertaining act comedians. This is obvious as he […]

Taaooma Apaokagi Biography & Net Worth (2023)


Taaooma is an outstanding comedienne who have been very influencial in the Nigerian entertainment industry for some years now. She is well-known as a comedian, and also a cinematographer and content creator. Her prowess in the entertainment industry, especially in the comedy scene, has got her the fame to be nationally recognized. Most especially as […]

Top 6 Best Comedians In Nigeria (2023)


Who are the best comedians in Nigeria today? We know that these Nigerian comedians are funny but not all can make you laugh. The comedy industry has seen a lot of promising young talent rise to stardom. We shall focus more on the veteran comedians who are seen as the best and inspiration to the […]

Top 10 Funniest Comedians in Nigeria Currently (2023)


Top Hilarious Comedians in Nigeria Presently There are top Nigerian comedians presently who have taken comedy in Nigeria to the next level. These professional stand up comedians have over the years made a good fortune from what they do. No matter how hard the economy might seem, these top comedians in Nigeria know how to […]

AY Net Worth In Dollars (2023)


AY is the richest comedian in Nigeria currently and this write-up will reveal AY net worth in dollars. It will also reveal what he charges for every external show he is invited to perform. Popular Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun is known by his stage name AY. Just like Basket-mouth, Bovi, Ali Baba and the rest, […]

Broda Shaggi Biography & Net Worth (2023)


Broda Shaggi also known as Nigeria’s finest area boy real name is Samuel Perry. Although he is popularly known as brodashaggi oya hit me in his comedy skit, this post reveals more about him, his profile, net worth and relationship to Aunty shaggi. Biography & Education Not much is known about Samuel perry, but we […]

10 Popular Nigerian Comedians on YouTube & Instagram (2023)

Popular Nigerian Comedians on YouTube & Instagram

It is no surprise that comedians in Nigeria that are on Instagram have uploaded their funny videos on YouTube and other social media platforms to gain more exposure. YouTube is currently a well known place to watch any sort of video. From comedy to entertainment to educative, there is always a video for each search […]

Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria & Net Worth (2023)


Comedy in Nigeria today has proven that talent can not only put food on one’s table, but it can also elevate one to the height of greatness. In the 90’s jovial and funny people were regarded as push-overs, never-do-wells, jokers, etc. Nowadays people with this talent of making other people to laugh are really leveraging […]

Akpororo Biography & Net Worth (2023)


Akpororo’s current net worth 2023 estimate, career, wife, endorsement deals and how much he makes per show, his cars worth is what this post seeks to explain. Career Popular Nigerian comedian Akpororo’s real name is Jephthah Bowoto. Although he was born on March 3rd, 1989 and grew up in Warri, Delta State. He is a […]

Bovi Biography & Net Worth (2023)


Bovi’s current net worth estimate, career, wife, endorsement deals and how much he makes per show is what this post seeks to explain. Career Popular Nigerian comedian Bovi’s real name is Abovi Ugboma. He was born on March 25, 1979 in Benin City. He is a native of Delta State. Bovi career started in March 2007 […]