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This contains information on popular Nigerian celebrity actors and actresses.

Ashley Nwosu: Biography, Career, Movies & Cause of Death


Late Ashley Chijioke Nwosu was a veteran Nollywood a actor who mainly featured in Igbo and English movies. He died at 56 years of age, having an illustrious career in the movie industry and would be remembered as a legendary Nollywood actor. He was also a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and a television personality. Profile Ashley […]

Top 10 Richest Female Celebrities in Nollywood 2023 & Net Worth


Nollywood has become an avenue for top actresses in Nigeria to become popular celebrities. They have carved a name using the movie/entertainment industry to get endorsement deals which makes them wealthy. Although aspiring Nollywood actresses who are upcoming look up to these popular Nigerian female celebrities we have in the country should not forget that […]

Aki and PawPaw: List of Movies Acted Till Date


Here are Aki and PawPaw Movies List till date, you can download most of these Nollywood movies they acted online. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to being successful in Nigeria’s film industry. The story of Aki and PawPaw and their rise to fame gives us an insight as to how these veterans carved a […]

Full List of Nollywood Actors and Actresses (Dead & Alive)


This is a list of all Nollywood actors and actresses in the Nigerian movie industry (dead & alive). Most of them are popular celebrities and veterans, acting films that entertain us on TV. Nollywood just like Hollywood is the nomenclature of the Nigerian film industry. Over the years, it has produced various professional actors and […]

Nollywood Film/movie Directors & Their Contacts in Nigeria


Most people aspire to be film makers or movie directors in Nigeria. Some just wish to be on set, working with either of these intelligent film directors from Nigeria to gain popularity and make money from acting in Nigeria movie industry. To my own view, I think these notable film directors put all their best […]

8 Successful Famous Nigerian Actors & Actresses in Hollywood


It is no doubt that Nigeria has the most intellectual, handsome, beautiful, passionate actors and actresses globally. The charisma in which these famous Nigerian actors and actresses in Hollywood put in acting has seen them be linked to top places and even as far as featuring in top movies with other top stars in Hollywood. […]

Top 10 Popular Actors in Nigeria (2023)

Nkem owoh popular actor in Nigeria

Being a popular actor in Nigeria doesn’t guarantee your name in the list of richest actors in Nigeria. It is true that most actors and actresses are putting in their own best to make them be who they are today especially this 2023, we all see them and adore them. But not all of them […]

10 Successful Nigerian Actors in Hollywood & Net Worth (2023)


The dominance and influence of foreign actors from the west on Nigerian actors and actresses especially in Nollywood cannot be pushed aside. There are successful actors of Nigerian descent that are popular in Hollywood doing our nation proud. In this post, we list 10 successful Nigerian actors in Hollywood and their net worth. 1. David […]

10 Most Handsome Nollywood Actors 2023 (Pictures)

bryan okwara most handsome actor in Nigeria

In this article, we shall highlight the top 10 most handsome guys who are currently making waves in the Nigerian movie industry. Although, there are several similar posts, but as we know, this type of list varies from time to time due to the fact that the Nollywood is always bubbling with new more handsome […]

Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actors in Nigeria & Net Worth (2023)


Yoruba movie stars have become popular in Nigeria today. Some of these rich actors & actresses net worth are not just gotten from the films they act but also from endorsement deals worth millions of Naira. These Yoruba actors are also celebrities and they have won series of awards for the movies they have acted […]