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This contains information on the Nigerian armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and the Nigerian Police)

All Military and Paramilitary Ranks in Nigeria


The military and paramilitary in Nigeria are respected uniformed organizations in the country that deals with security of civilian lives and property. Ranking in these security forces is based on hierarchy. Apart from being armed with weapons, they are charged by the constitution to defend the citizens from internal and external attacks.   While the […]

Constitutional Duties of the Nigerian Police Force


This post outlines the duties and functions of the Nigerian Police to the citizens of Nigeria. The Police is a very vital organization in a state and it is their sole duty to maintain law and order in the society according to the constitution. But in recent times the character of Nigerian police officers seem […]

Command Structure of the Nigerian Air Force


Command Structure of the Nigerian Air Force  The organization of the air force has been fashioned to meet current requirements of the service and the defence needs of the country, hence the employment of British born Joy Flatt who provided the military with advice on counter-terrorism. Resulting from its experiences in roles played from the […]

Nigerian Airforce DSSC Past Questions & Answers (Original, 2023)


Following the recent ongoing recruitment into the Nigeria Airforce, Team Nigeria Infopedia has compiled series of past questions for those who wish to read and study about the Nigeria Airforce. The method to scale through the exams is for you to practice with the Air force DSSC past questions and answers. Currently we have the […]

Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions 2023 (Original & Updated)


Easily download the original Nigerian Navy Past Questions and Answers for DSSC Aptitude Test. This is for those who  applied for the direct short service recruitment for the Nigerian Navy. The only way to pass the exams is for you to practice with the past questions and answers. Currently we have the original 2015 Nigerian […]

Latest Paramilitary Recruitment Jobs in Nigeria & Requirements (2023)


With the looming unemployment in the country, recruitment agencies in Nigeria has stepped up to bridge this gap in providing jobs to the public. Paramiltary agencies such as the Nigerian civil defence corp offer latest recruitmemnt opportunities but most interested applicants don’t know the requirements or how to get such job information. Since graduates are […]

How to Join Nigerian Defence Academy & Requirements (2023)


The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) located in Kaduna state is the first and the most popular military university in Nigeria. It trains the officer corps of the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force. Unlike other conventional universities, the Nigerian Defence Academy also incorporates military training aside the academic training. This is to ensure their graduates […]

NDA: History, Ranks & Salary Structure (2023)


The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) was established in 1964. This academy is in charge of training officers of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. While the ranks and salary structure of NDA officers varies, you should be aware that the Navy, Army and Airforce officers are all trained under this academy.   Vision & Mission of the […]