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Nigerian Immigration Recruitment Portal, Process and Requirements


The requirements for recruitment into┬áNigeria Immigration Service, process and the official Nigerian Immigration recruitment portal is what this post is all about. Recruitment into the Nigerian Immigration Service is a yearly exercise just as other para-military organizations in Nigeria. The process and requirements of recruitment into the service is some what similar to that of […]

Official Nigerian Police Ranking System, Salaries & Departments (2023)


This post outlines Nigeria Police ranking system, i.e Ranks in the Nigeria Police Force and also the various departments in the police. The Nigerian Police official duty is to protect and safeguard the lives and property of Nigerians, ensuring that law and order is maintained in the society. It is also their job to arrest […]

Nigerian Police Force: Recruitment, Portal & Requirements (2023)


For those who want to know all about Nigerian Police Force, recruitment, application and requirements, this post will offer valuable information about the Nigerian police history and even provide you with the official portal for Application into the Nigerian Police Force. Nigerian Police History The Nigeria Police Force was formally established in 1930. This was […]

Salary of Commissioner of Police in Nigeria: See Correct Figures


This post answers the question about how much is the salary of the commissioner of police in the country today? The Nigerian police is the principal law enforcement agency in Nigeria. This force has a staff strength of 371,800 and plan on increasing it to 650,000 by adding 280,000 staff. These staff are divided into […]

Nigerian Customs Service Salary Scale Structure (New)

Nigeria customs ranks and salary

The Nigeria Customs Service ranks and salary has been much of debate for some time. Although, the new salary scale of Nigeria custom officers was increased some years ago along side the salaries for public servants by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2007. The new salary structure for Para-military personnel is known as the […]

10 Most Corrupt Police Forces In The World (2023)


Corruption in the police force is a menace that has reduced the respect people have for law enforcement officers. It is a situation where police officers place personal gains such as money, promotion in rank, abuse of power, etc over their sworn duty which is to protect lives and properties. In the world today, there […]

Nigerian State Security Service Functions, Salary, Recruitment & Activities


This post contains all you need know about the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS), Functions, recruitment, Salary Structure, Head-office address, official website and activities of the Nigerian State Security Service. The Nigerian State Security Service (SSS) is also known as Department of State Services (DSS). They are the main intelligence agency of Nigeria. The SSS […]