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This contains information on the Nigerian armed forces (Army, Navy, Air force and the Nigerian Police)

Full List of Police Academies in Nigeria & Locations

police training institutions in Nigeria

This article contains a complete list of all Nigerian police training schools and academies, as well as their locations. These police training institutes assist nurture and prepare officers and men of the Nigerian Police Force for their future careers as excellent law enforcement professionals. Some of these Nigerian police academies also provide refresher courses for […]

How to Report Misconduct of Police Officers in Nigeria

how to report a police officer in Nigeria

Police brutality to ordinary citizens is a menace that has being long overdue in Nigeria today. The EndSARS protest carried out by citizens of Nigeria was in response to the incessant misconduct of some officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). Making a complaint about the misbehavior of police in Nigeria seem to fall on […]

How To Report Misbehavior Of Soldiers To The Nigerian Army

how to report a Nigerian soldier

The soldiers and officers of the Nigerian Army are among the best militaries in Africa. They swore an oath to ensure that the territory and sovereignty of Nigeria remain intact by protecting the country if war arises. Such feats of courage and valour of male and female soldiers of the Nigerian army deserve the citizens’ […]

How To Join Mopol In Nigeria: Recruitment & Application (2023)

how to join mopol in nigeria

If you’re looking for the rundown guide on how to join the Nigerian Mobile Police often known as MOPOL, then this piece will be very informative on this. This security unit has been a special department in the country’s police force. The MOPOL were initially intended to work as an anti-riot squad. Their obligations have […]

Spy Police Nigeria Salary Structure: How Much They Earn (2023)

spy police in nigeria

Just as the normal police officers, the Supernumerary Police (Spy Police) is a unique division in the Nigerian Police Force. These are special police that are assigned for special capacities. These officers are present in organization, and you will often see them at banks, companies and even in government establishments. The work of these officers […]

Nigerian Navy Seaman Officer Salary (2023)

Nigerian navy seaman

Most people would want to find out how much is the salary of a seaman officer in the Nigerian Navy. First of all, the word seaman is a normal military rank that is often used in many navies worldwide. Often considered a junior enlisted rank in the Nigerian Navy, it can be either used as […]

How To Join Nigerian Customs As A Graduate (2023)

Ranks in the Nigerian Customs Service

The Nigerian customs service or NCS is among the paramilitary organisations in Nigeria that faciliatates trade and supervise the supply of goods and services. If you are interested in serving Nigeria, through this arm, then this guide is for you. Recruitment and application for job in the Nigerian customs is open to anyone, but this […]

How To Join Nigerian Immigration As A Graduate (2023)


There are many Nigerians that have graduated and are looking for federal government jobs. Working as an immigration officer is a job that is highly rewarding and is seen as one of the highest paying agencies in the country. This government agency has the responsibility of managing migration into Nigeria. In other to join the […]

How To Join Nigerian Police Force As A Graduate (2023)


In Nigeria, joining the Nigerian police is a way of shouldering great responsibility because it becomes a primary duty to save life and secure property of Nigerians. Being a police officer is a job that deserves honor and bravery. The primary job or function of the Nigerian police includes; saving the property of fellow citizens, […]

How To Join Nigerian Army As A Graduate

nigerian army

A lot of people believe that the best way to serve your nation is to join its military force. That way, you sacrificially represent your country in matters that relate to national security. You might as well have a different ambition for joining the Nigerian Army. All the same, this act is the highest service […]