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The History of Television in Nigeria

history of television in Nigeria

The history of television broadcasting in Nigeria has been dominated by the applicability of the medium for political propaganda and instructional broadcasting. This article investigates the political and pedagogical drivers behind the introduction of television in Nigeria. This took place between 1959, when Western Nigeria Television (WNTV) was founded, and early 1962, when the federal […]

Top Online Newspapers in Nigeria & Websites (2023)


Online newspapers are now getting popular in Nigeria these days due to the fact that the Internet is now accessible to a lot of people who prefers to read latest breaking news on their mobile devices, tablets of even a computer. While the printed newspapers still exist, top print media houses have embraced the new […]

Journalist And Their Writing Techniques in Nigeria

mass communication courses

Most people today will not believe the fact that there are some certain rules that one has to abide to as a Journalist. They tend to believe that mass communication students have no rules in their field, it is just to write news and submit then it comes out. Journalist practitioners worldwide and the students […]

News: Definition, Types, Values & Qualities of News


News has been given diverse definitions by different scholars and academicians in the field of journalism and other practices and works of life. Understanding the term News is however essential because it will help reporters and students of Journalism to understand news to better update their professional ability in news gathering and writing. We are […]