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Top 10 Best TV Stations in Nigeria 2019


There are a lot of award winning TV stations in Nigeria today. But which among these television stations is best and reliable for disseminating news objectively and has entertaining programs to watch? Well, this write-up will provide that. The media whether print or broadcast have one goal in common; to disseminate information and also make […]

10 Best Hospitals In Abuja

10 Best Hospitals In Abuja That Are Well Equipped And Offers Good Health Care Services When you arrive at a new city, you need to know the location of some basic things you need to survive. You need to know where the closest market, source of water, police station, hospital and worship centers are all […]

Best 5 Mosques To Worship In Nigeria

Are you looking for the best mosques to worship in Nigeria? Then read on. It’s no news to say mosques can be found in the nooks and crannies of anywhere Muslims live in the country. In some places, you can get a sizable number in just a square kilometer. In others, they are very much […]

Top Hausa Newspapers in Nigeria


In Nigeria, Hausa newspapers are mostly sold in the northern region. This is because those people that don’t understand English can read these popular newspapers written in Hausa language. If there’s one news media type that the Hausa man is known for, it is the Radio. In all the nooks and crannies of the Hausa/Fulani […]

Best Yoruba Newspapers in Nigeria: Top 5

The print media in Nigeria is blessed with so many newspapers in various languages. There are popular Yoruba newspapers which are written for those who can’t understand English language and these publications are printed mostly in Yoruba speaking states in the country. Looking at the Nigerian newspaper market, one will reach a conclusion that all […]