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Types of Family in Nigeria

types of family in Nigeria

Would you be interested in knowing the types of families in Nigeria? Have you ever wondered how Nigerian families survive? There are different types of families and family structures in Nigeria. The present-day family in Nigeria is expanding as the day goes by. Many families are averagely surviving while some merely survive. For the majority […]

Personal Clothing: Why We Wear Clothes

personal clothing

Clothing refers to the clothes we wear which protects us against heat, cold or injury from machinery. Clothes include garments such as dresses, trousers that we put on our body to protect it and to make us look attractive. Reasons for Wearing Clothes The reasons why we wear clothes are many. Some of them are: […]

Body Fatigue and Importance of Rest and Sleep

rest and sleep

Body fatigue is the condition of the body when it is tired and weak. Body fatigue is simply the tiredness of the body after it might have been subjected to physical or mental work or stress. Fatigue can be recognized in a person through many signs. Signs of Fatigue 1.  A fatigued person is restless […]

Body Posture: Meaning and Importance

good body posture

Posture is the way by which one carries his or her body on his or her legs. We have good and bad postures. When one walks and the body and the head are carried straight, he or she is in good posture. For example, many soldiers have good posture because of their vocation. We observe […]

Body Exercises: Meaning and Importance

body exercise

Exercise is the way we exert the muscles of the body for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness. The activities to exert the body may include running, jumping, dancing, singing, walking, climbing, throwing, playing, etc. When we perform these activities, each affected muscles of the body in the arms, stomach, thighs, legs, back, […]

Care of the Human Hands and Feet

the human hands and feet

The hands and the feet are the parts of the body most often used. The hands are used in handling objects. They come in contact with creams and lotions, water (cold and warm) and dirt of different types. The feet too suffer from moist or heat from shoes, while dirt from the ground affects exposed […]

Care of the Human Skin: Things You Should Know

the human skin

The skin contributes to the beauty of a person. It is therefore necessary to take good care of it. To be able to take proper care of the skin, we should understand its structure. The structure of the skin The skin consists of two layers. The outer layer which is made up of dead cells […]

The Human Mouth: Structure and Care of the Teeth

the mouth and teeth

The Mouth and Teeth Mouth care includes the care of the teeth, the lips, and the whole area of the mouth. When the mouth is not well cared for, it smells and the teeth become bad. Structure of the Teeth To care for the teeth properly, it is necessary to learn about its structure. There […]

The Human Ear and Nose: Structure, Function and Care

human ear and nose

The Ear You all know how important your ears are, especially for hearing. Therefore, they require good care. The outer ear is the part seen from the outside, the middle and the Inner parts are covered by skin and muscle. Structure of the Ear To be able to care for the ear, it is necessary […]

The Human Eye: Structure, Function & Care of the Eye


The Eye Our eyes are a very important part of our face. Apart from seeing with them, they often show how we feel within us. When we laugh, our eyes laugh with us, but when we are sad our eyes cloud up with tears. It is therefore necessary to take good care of the eyes. […]