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Top Reasons Why We Need Government


The ancient Greeks were the ones who gave us ideas about the need of government in any given society. Plato and Aristotle referred to the art of government as “steering the ship of the state so as to avoid landing on rocks”. The statesmen at the steering take decisions for the welfare of the state. […]

The Full Process of Impeaching the Nigerian President

Impeachment of a president is the process of removing the official from office especially for misconduct. In Nigeria, this process of impeaching a president is rather complex and long winding. All the details of the process of removing the Nigerian top official is stated clearly in Section 143 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic […]

Political Structure/Hierarchy of The Nigerian Government


The government of Nigeria witnessed many structural changes in the few past decades in its political system. The country overcame a destabilization period because of political tumult aided by the military interference and many other political & social unavoidable circumstances. After this period the country has managed to survive and redefine kits comprehensive political system […]

How To Join A Political Party in Nigeria (2023)


As a Nigerian, you are definitely entitled to being a member of any political party of your choice. This fundamental right is guaranteed in section 40 of the Nigerian Constitution. According to Nigerian Law, anyone who wants a position in any political office has to be a member of a political party.  So in the […]

Full List of Trade Unions in Nigeria And Their Functions

Trade Unions in Nigeria

In any work discipline, there are associations and unions that guides and act for the affairs of the organisation. These organisations are known as trade unions, and in this writeup we will peek at the list of trade union organisations in Nigeria. Up until know you might have been hearing about popular trade union associations. […]

Who is the Second Citizen in Nigeria? See Answer


In this article, we will answer the question, who is the second citizen in Nigeria? For the purpose of clarity, for those who do not actually know and for the sake of those who confuse between the Office of the Vice President and that of the Senate President of Nigeria, this is written.  Who is […]

The Relationship Among The Three Tiers of Government in Nigeria


The Relationship Among The Three Tiers of Government in Nigeria Explained The three tiers of government in Nigeria includes the federal, state and local. A federation is an association or a union of autonomous states that come together for the purpose of enhancing better relationship or improving their common good. This presupposes that it is […]

History and Development of Political Parties in Nigeria


Politics in Nigeria dates back to the pre-colonial era, but for the sake of this post, let us only look at Nigeria’s political history landscape just before Independence in 1959. Political parties in Nigeria are institutions set up for healthy competition among those vying for particular government offices in the land and there is a […]

Who is the First Citizen in Nigeria? See Answer

first citizen in nigeria

Who is the First Citizen in Nigeria? You might have asked yourself or someone this question, genuinely looking for answers, look no further, the answer is right here. The leadership structure of citizens in Nigeria outlines the way and manner in which government officials are ranked hierarchically according to the public office they occupy. These […]

Meaning & Characteristics of Presidential System of Government


A Presidential System of Government is one in which there is an executive President, that is, someone vested with all executive powers and who combines the office of head of state and head of government. The President whose constituency is the entire country, combines government powers with ceremonial powers, and is also commander-in-chief of the […]