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Top 10 Most Educated States in the U.S. (2023)

most educated states in the us

Literacy is referred to as competence for reading and writing. The importance of literacy in a country’s education cannot be overstated. The level of education in a country obviously influences its level of development. As a result, one of any government’s primary goals should be to increase literacy rates. Among the most important measures of […]

Hausa Speaking States in Nigeria: Full List

map showing hausa states in Nigeria

Hausa is one of Nigeria’s three primary languages; the others being Yoruba and Igbo. The Hausas are native to the northern region of the country. There are certain Northern states in Nigeria which are totally dominated by indigenous Hausa settlers, while in others they make up only a tiny percentage of the population. Nigeria is […]

Top 10 Best States To Live in U.S (2023)

best states to live in the us

There has never been a two-year period of something as devastating as the corona virus epidemic in this annual rating of the best states to live in the United States. This may make this data even more crucial than ever as it would afford both citizens and those who want to move to the united […]

Top 10 Richest States In The U.S (2023)

richest states in the us

The United States of America is a wealthy nation with the strongest economy worldwide. The country itself is among the most powerful, wealthy, and advanced nations in the world. The rich states that make up the nation contributed to all of the great wealth of the United States. However, are you aware of the richest […]

10 Hottest States In The USA (2023)

hottest states in the us

There are many different types of climates in the United States. These variations are a result of the country’s vast size and diverse geographic characteristics. The outcome is that the country’s climate differs from one shoreline to some other. The ideal places to live have warm temperate climates in the north and humid subtropical climates […]

Top 10 Most Promiscuous States in Nigeria (2023)

most promiscuous tribes in Nigeria

Promiscuity is the act of constantly having sexual relationships with several persons and practicing casual encounters. People who frequently engage in sexual activity with several partners fall under this practice. The focus of this article will be prostitution, which in itself is increasingly widespread in very many Nigerian states. Promiscuity is connected to polygamy, which […]

Top 10 Hottest States in Nigeria (2023)

hottest states in Nigeria

Nigeria has a huge spectrum of environmental conditions as a result of its vast size and diverse geographic features. This causes the country’s climate to vary depending on where you are, with the northern sections having a hot continental climate. However, the dry season’s temperatures differ from one Nigerian state to the next. But in […]

10 Best States to Marry in Nigeria & Reasons


The union of a man and a woman is a wonderful thing, aside from the fact that in Nigeria marriage is regarded as a big custom. Finding the ideal companion can be a little challenging for some people. A man or woman cannot use a magic wand to find the ideal match. Numerous qualities, such […]

Top 10 Best States to Live in Nigeria (2023)


The thirty-six states that make up Nigeria are distinguished from one another by unique traits. It can be claimed that one state is superior to live in over another when taking these variables into account. The various degrees of industrialization, development, amusement, opportunity availability, and civilisation are a few of these elements. Some of these […]

Top 10 States With The Most Beautiful Girls in Nigeria (2023)

nigerian states with the most pretty girls

Nigeria is home to some of the world’s most attractive women. This is due to the abundance of attractive women in the country. Girls from particular Nigerian states are generally thought to be more attractive. As a result, some states in the country have a large proportion of them than others. To put it another […]