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This contains historical facts about Nigeria.

Types of Rabbits in Nigeria

rabbit prices in Nigeria

Do you intend to raise rabbits soon? Do you want to know what varieties are available in Nigeria? It is crucial to understand the many rabbit breeds that exist in Nigeria. This is particularly important if you want to create a rabbit farm or keep one as a pet. This is due to the fact […]

Types of Leave in Public Service in Nigeria


Most Nigerians like working in the public sector above lucrative private jobs for a variety of reasons. The civil service is renowned for its commitment to treating people fairly and most especially,  job security. This is because it concerns about more than just ensuring that personnel continue to produce results (especially as regards profit). The […]

Types of Allowances in Nigerian Civil Service (2023)


The civil service in Nigeria are responsible for the day to day planning and implementation of government policies under the various ministries, agencies and departments of government. The employees who work under the civil service are referred to as civil servants and they are entitled to various allowances for carrying out such service on behalf […]

How To Obtain Car Insurance in Nigeria (2023)

car insurance in Nigeria

A car purchase is an investment, and any business you make should be protected and insured. Auto insurance can be useful in this situation. Many Nigerians have false impressions regarding auto insurance premiums. These people believe that insurance is superfluous, hence they do not support the concept. Auto insurance is similar to other insurance coverage, […]

10 Best States to Marry in Nigeria & Reasons


The union of a man and a woman is a wonderful thing, aside from the fact that in Nigeria marriage is regarded as a big custom. Finding the ideal companion can be a little challenging for some people. A man or woman cannot use a magic wand to find the ideal match. Numerous qualities, such […]

10 Best Tribes to Marry As Wife in Nigeria (2023)


With over 371 tribes and dialects, as well as varied, rich civilizations that are present in Nigeria. The best tribes to marry a wife from in Nigeria or choose a bride from is a very delicate topic. Marriage is a lovely institution that deserves serious consideration. Every tribe in Nigeria is different and has characteristics […]

Significance of Nok Culture in Nigeria’s History

Nok Culture in Nigeria's History

One of the earliest communities in Western Africa known to have existed was the Nok civilisation. It existed in present-day Nigeria between roughly 500 BCE and 200 CE. The human faces’ triangular or oval eyes are one of the distinguishing features of Nok sculptures. The Nok people’s usage of iron technology is a key aspect […]

The Significance of Igbo-Ukwu Culture in Nigeria’s History

Igbo-Ukwu culture in Nigeria

How well-versed are you in knowing the history of Igbo-Ukwu and its importance to Nigeria? We think that’s one of the main reasons you ended up on this page. The town of Igbo-Ukwu is located in the south-central Nigerian state of Anambra. Igbo-Ukwu culture has existed in Nigeria since long before colonial administration there began. […]

Importance of Unity Schools in Nigeria

unity schools

The significance of unity schools in the Nigerian educational system will be discussed in this article. In actuality, it is impossible to overstate the significance of unification schools in the nation. Unity education is promoted in Nigerian schools along with national integration and building. Students from various sections of the nation and from all walks […]

Importance of Land Reclamation in Nigeria

land in Nigeria

Nigeria has a land mass area of 923,768 km² and places a broad and high significance on land reclamation. It is crucial to the environment’s welfare both now and in the future. The procedure attempts to convert unused land into useable land and contributes to the expansion of the land area, the creation of habitat for […]